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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Unspoken emotions

There are just somethings that i find hard to express or even show it out to its intended audience. There is this fear or i would say, uncertainty of the consequence of the action.
There are also some lingering fear of knowing the end results of the action, should it not happen the way i wanted it to be.

I want to show how i felt about you. I want to show my feelings. I did
But I fear that you do not see those signs that i show.
I am sincere in my actions thou it takes my time or affect me in some other way, thou i fear you might take it for granted. I gave you my time, i put effort into it but the fruit does not show any signs of bearing just yet.

I may not be the most talkative person and i may not express myself the way you see proper, well I'm just being myself instead of being someone else just to try to show off to you.

I tried telling and showing you how i felt but you just turned away and tried to change the subject. When I tried again, the words don't seem to form. I have in my mind what I want to say but the words don't seem to get out of my head. Its like speaking without a voice.

Some say, i should bite the bullet and let it out. While some others say its up to me to make a dream into a reality. Some say just spill it out instead of just living a dream. While others say you wont get if you don't ask and you may get if you ask.

Life is all about taking risks. I have decided to take the plunge, if only I can see you again before you leave. I wouldn't say time is running out as we are still considerably young but I do not wish to delay this any longer. Its affecting me mentally and emotionally.

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