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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Somebody kill me...please

Stuff happened over the days and honestly...
now i don't know how to think, react and gain control over myself over this matter.

every thing now seems oblivious to me now and i am feeling very numb.

I've been thinking that the best way is to isolate or distant myself from the source. But however...its easier said than done.

May be taking a break from everything and taking a time out myself; concentrating on myself and my career..

But...easier said than done..,

p/s know any good counselors?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Malaysian Artistes For Unity

Heard this over the radio the other day. It was a nice touch.

Credits goes to Pete Teo for coming up with this idea; bringing together Malaysians and trying to instill brotherhood or sisterhood and love towards the country..

Enjoy it here

or you could just click here to download the song.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Times when MSN chats are pointless

It all started as a simple conversation that some how, eventually turned into this

or this..

Pointless no?

Ben Arfa heading to Emirates?

After the mini exodus the past week, with Flamini swapping the Gunners for Milan, news the Hleb is looking to buy out his contract for a move the Inter and Adebayor making some ridiculous contract demands, there is finally some good news for Arsenal.

I'm still unsure whether if its true or not, but is seems reported the Arsenal has secured a €16M deal to bring highly sorted talent, Hatem Ben Arfa from Lyon to Emirates.

Ben Arfa

Its hard to believe as we know that its rather rare for Wenger to splash out that kind of money. Great addition to the squad if it does go thru. The dazzling displays of this 21 year old over the year in France as well as in the Champions League really does attract interest from a number of big clubs.

Other news also include the another French winger, Samir Nasri may just follow Ben Arfa over to Arsenal. His club, Marseille are reported willing to do business if an offer between €12M to €16M comes around.
Samir Nasri

The search for a strong centerhalf may have also reach its conclusion as Arsenal have reported to have made a decent offer for relegation threatened Valencia's defender Raul Albiol.
Raul Albiol

But what gunners fan would like to see wearing the Arsenal kit will definitely be David Villa, after he openly declared his desired to play in England for Arsenal. He is rather costly and only time will tell he Mr. Wenger does make an effort to welcome Villa to the Emirates.

David Villa

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Iron Man

" The truth is....I'm IRON MAN"

dang dang dang...*credits roll*

Just came back from watching Iron man with some buds.

Verdict is..

Different marks of Ironman

IT A MUST WATCH!!! The storyline was great (IMO), graphics is superb and Gwyneth Paltrow ( playing Tony Stark's assistant, Pepper Potts) is just so hot in this movie

Pepper Potts ( Gwyneth Palthrow)..I want an assistant like

The story goes, it started with ..... go watch la..its goooood!!

Its probably the next best Marvel comics based movie since Spiderman, which in my opinion was not that great after dragging it over 3 movies. The first 2 was great but the 3rd was not what i expected after what the 1st and the 2nd offered.

Spiderman looking all emo

Iron is definitely a great movie to watch and a prefect show to kick off a line of superb movies to look forward to, namely HELLBOY2

p/s : stay after the credits, there is a short secret ending, which may tell viewers and Marvel fans what they can expect.

on a side note....

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Detour to Penang: Day 1 (1/5/2008)

Now listening to Rob Costlow - Solo Piano

It all started with an initial " long weekend with nothing to do....". Some friends were planning for a trip to Penang and we decided to tag along, make a nuisance of ourselves and made a makan trip up north to Penang. Accommodation, fortunately was not a problem. So that's settled, all we need to worry is finding what and where to eat. So we, myself, Eddy, Jing, Dennis, Ann (lol) and Angel made a trip up north...

Started my journey up north from KL at about 0900, going through Ipoh for some lunch and ice coffee, and finally reaching Penang at about 1500 if I'm not mistaken. Hurried to the condominium, to freshen up and unpack before setting out for our 1st stop.

View inside and outside our condominium....

Then our 1st stop was Swatow Lane's Sin Se Kai or New World. It was a hot day and what better way to cool it down than a bowl of ice cool Ais Kacang and Cendol. I had the cendol and i would say it has nothing really special. But on a hot afternoon, anything cool tastes good. Others ordered the Ais Kacang Special; regular ais kacang topped with assorted tropical fruits; which consist of mango, papaya, banana...i suppose thats it.

We can't resist but to give in and ordered the oyster omelette or we and the locals call 'or chian'.
Egg, some batter and fresh oysters and you will get

Next stop was for fresh coconut at Abu Siti Lane...and somehow the dude we called for directions managed to give us abu-siti-link. Again, nothing really special as what we had there was fresh young coconut.

The dude cutting the coconuts open is obviously damn strong as all he did was swing his 'knife' and the coconut can do nothing but be cut opened like a hot knife through butter. Its sweet, fresh and tasted just like a coconut. ( one of my friends asked me what it tasted like).

The off to Batu Feringgi to catch the sunset. Traffic there was rather conjested as people are trying to move in and out of the area and at the same time, the roads ain't that wide. The attraction there was definitely the beach as well as the famous night market there. You can get almost everything from CDs, clothing, accessories and even a Gucci bag. Fake one la.

We can jet ski there
Even ATVs are available there
Horseback riding too...enjoy your ride as the horse shits all over
Dont know what is this called but that odd thing there seem like a rubber boat being pulled by a speedboat.

And obviously enjoy the sunset. It was a beautiful sight also due to the clear weather then.

Some roundabout near Gurney Drive

The off the Gurney Drive for our dinner. Plenty of foods galore and obviously that place is packed. Did not take any pictures of the food as we are too famished to wait for anyone to take any pictures. We ordered fruit rojak which was damn good, Muachi, Sotong kangkung, Pork Satay, Fried chicken skin, Ikan bakar, another helping of Or Chian and....i think thats about it.

Soon, Diana joined us and so starts my torment. Well, with her around i am not to laugh as part of the deal with her. Loser owes the victor a box of Tau Sa Pheah. Small wager only lar..Obvious to say, I'm kinda fighting a losing battle. They are trying everything in the book to try to make me laugh. It was torture i tell you. Fortunately that deal ends at noon the next day.

After dinner, we went back to the condo and my torment continues. I can't even seek refuge in my own room to keep myself from laughing. Imagine someone telling you a joke or even doing something crazy to you, and all you can do is look back with a -_- face. It was it think 0200 when I gave in. Something really funny happened and i can't help but to smile a bit. Can u imagine one crazy gal who splashed water (sprinkle...but SPLASHING) not on your head while another was ironing it? Talk about risk of being electrocuted. It wasn't even a laugh and i was judged to have lost the deal.. :(

Thats it for the 1st day. Will update more later on..
Crazy things that others will do to you...zzz

Ciao for now..

Song ending...I Stay In Love - Mariah Carey

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Shits that happen at OldTown Cafe... do i put this in a nice way...

Well, when one goes to a seemingly established food joint; OLD TOWN CAFE; one would expect somewhat a good and professional service.

However, that is not the case in our last visit there. As most frequent visitors to the cafe knows, we more or less check what we want to order and a piece of slip before handing it over to the waiter to get our orders done. So happens, there are new dishes available that is not on the piece of slip there. A Golden Pratha with Sausage and a plain one without the sausage; with butter and kaya I presume.

So we ordered the one with the sausage with the waiter. He does not seem local and as he repeated the order; he got the pratha with sausage order wrong, so what we did was we reiterate what we ordered so and hoped he does not get it wrong. He acknowledged that he got it right.

Guess what....

As it was served, it was the wrong order. We insist them to change it but he needs to consult his manager. His manager insisted that this order cannot be replaced and we will have to settle for it and order another one...I was like..WTF; and called for the manager..

So the manager came....all hell kinda broke loose. He insisted that the waiter repeated the order; but to us, it just wasnt repeated right. He kept insisting that we confirmed the order; but as we asked the waiter to repeat the order, they just left. WTF!!!
They voided the wrong order, as demanded by our part; but did not even serve us the correct order..


Not only he did not offered to replace the wrong meal which we were in a way cool with it, we don't play for what we did not order la. But not even a word of apology after making a mistake and came blaming us for that mistake? Moreover SHOUTING at us?

We soon found out the he was not even the damn manager; he is just the f$@king cashier. We called for manager and THE damn cashier came? about walking in other people's shoe. Since when did he think he is the manager of that damn joint?

I personally dont blame the waiter but am rather pissed at the so called "manager" for managing the store and treating the customers the way he did. We did not really get his name, but somehow or rather, im planning to actually shoot out a complain letter to the head office of OLD TOWN COFFEE CAFE or watever its called.

We may not boycott the place as its kinda like a nice place to hang out, but if this SHIT continue to happen , we may just boycott the store for another branch nearby.

Btw, the branch I'm talking about is the one at Jaya1 ( correct me) at section 13 PJ.