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Friday, January 02, 2009

Buckle up

As off 1/1/2009 it is made compulsary for rear seat passenger to buckle up their safety belts. This move is made to ensure the safety of all passengers traveling in the car as even when the car hits at 50km/h, the recoil is of the back passenger hitting the driver while the air bag is deployed is enough to kill. Good move indeed.

But, this ruling only applies to the 3rd back seat passenger in a sedan? How about cars where they sit 4 or more passengers at the back? Are their life insignificant? I've seen families of 6 or more sitting in a Kancil. How did they do it?

So this ruling only applies up the the 3rd rear seat passenger. Did they not think this over? Are they encouraging drivers to drive more people and overloading their cars? Some might say, get a MPV or another car. Easier said than done around here dont you think? MPVs are costly around here and most big families here are either from the lower up to some middle class families, agreed? Do you think they can easily afford another car, let alone a MPV.

Apparently this ruling also only applies to cars registered after 1995. So drivers and passengers of older cars are insignificant? Among the excuse given is that old cars does not have the bracket or slot to install safety belts. If you want to enforce such a law, none should be exempted. Have they ever heard of the term "retro-fitting"?

How about buses? Don't they need to install safety belts in every seat and don't allow any standing passengers? This ruling should also apply to buses as we all know, they aren't the safest drivers around. Taxis too are exempted from this ruling if I am not mistaken. How can they enforce such a ruling with so much exemptions?

The fine for this offence is RM300 and it is paid by the driver. After July 2009, the fine will be at RM2000 or 1 year's term in jail or both. An RM2000 fine is just absurd. Not many people even make that amount in a month. Once caught, they (and their family) will have to starve for a month. Jail for not buckling up? Jailing is for criminals not traffic offenders. Picture this conversation.

Criminal A : What are you in for?
Criminal B: Murder. You?
Criminal A: Not wearing a safety belt.

Ridicuolos right? We all know that some personnels would just make up all sorts of reasons or excuses just to get some cash of 'traffic offenders". You can even get fined for not commiting an offence. I just saw a police car yesterday where policemen in the back seat DID NOT buckle up. Are they exempted?

So just buckle up and not contribute more income to those people. Its for your own safety anyway.

One would wonder if this is a move to promote the upcoming Proton MPV to large families. One would also wonder if the Datuks or Big shots sitting in the back seats of their limos will buckle up? Or are they exempted as well?

Here, everything also BOLEH!!!

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