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Friday, January 30, 2009

Underworld 3: Rise Of The Lycans

Just watched this latest installment of the Underworld movies and it did not disappoint. Its been awhile since the release of the first 2 installments and i can really recall what happened then. Nevertheless this movie here did not disappoint with its fair share of bloodshed, drama, action, and of course a very interesting plot.

Potential Spoilers ahead....

The story basically revolves around the vampire race who ruled over the humans and the lycans ( werewolves ) due to their superiority in strength and their ability for immortal live.

That was until a lycan which took a human form (Lucian) was born and the leader of the Vampires, Victor chose not to kill him but to raise him as his son, but still holds the stature of the mere slave. Lucian then fell in love with Sonja; Victor's daughter; which lead to Lucian fleeing with a group of lycans who were held captive as well.

While outside, he gathered an army of lycans to bring down the Vampires and rescue Sonja; who was imprisoned as her treachary was revealed. It was to no avail as the Lucian was captured in the rescue mission and Sonja was killed for treason. The whole army of Lycans then attacked the Vampires obliterating them in the process, albeit 2 survivors, Tanis who the rescued Victor who was supposedly killed of the Lucian.

Here are some points i picked up..

The child of Sonja and Lucian is supposed to bring the clans together but it is considered as treachary.

Human slaves are captured and are bitten by lycans, turning them into lycans.

Lycans held behind the castle wall seem to have a human mind and serve the vampires as slaves, while the lycans outside a wild mindless beast.

When the vampire bites, he/she can view the memories of their victims.

Vampires are relatively weak as all the poccess is super strenght and the memory stealing bite. They burn when exposed to sunshine.

Lycans can transform from human to wolf, have super strenght, regenerative powers, and a killing animal's instinct. So they can fight as warriors or as a beast, at will.

The ending of the movie depicts the victory of the lycans and brings us back to the future with Kate Beckinsale as the slayer. Long story short, for those who may not have realised it, the Rise of The Lycans is the prequel to the first 2 underworld series.

For this movie, its definitely a 9/10 for me. Great movie!!

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