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Saturday, January 17, 2009

i was hit!!

It was a regular Friday morning when i was heading to work. Was stuck in a jam, listening to as i made my way to the office. Then...BANG!!

I was then shocked...thinking, "not again.."
But it was, my car has been hit from the back for the fourth time since i got my car, and this after i got my bumper fixed from the previous mishaps and my car polished. This time i was worse. Not only the bumper came off, but the clips that hold it up was slightly damaged, there was scratches all over the bumper, some paint came off, my right side reverse sensor damaged and the there was a dent at the booth cover.

The guy who hit me was driving a Kancil and some how or rather, it was settled on the spot without much hassle. A quick call back to office saying i might be late or may take a day off, then i head over to the workshop for repairs. It was quick and the damaged was fixed. Thou it does not look the same anymore...sigh. Fortunately the damage was not that major that i will be deprived of use of the car for a few days for the repairs.

Thanks to KahHean who happened to be on-leave and came out of his way to get me out of the garage to hang out somewhere else. Else, i will for sure rot to death at the workshop. So yes, i ended up taking a leave for the repairs and head down to Pavillion to hang out.

My new aquarium set up is finally done, albeit some other additions that i may add when i got the extra funds. This new tank has already put me back some 600MYR this month already.
Things left to get over time....
  • Another flourescent light case
  • A CO2 kit ( CO2 tank, valve, bubble counter)
This is what the tank looks like now

This 2 discus are my breeding pair..thou their first batch failed

Some of the tetras i house in my tank

The discus that i house

From the top



incogneeto said...

I drove all the way to PJ and all I got was a bowl of curry mee and some lobak! Rip-off!!

Daniel said...

thats about rm6
which is about 3.33l of petrol
which should bring you about 30km supposing your car consumes 10km/l


thank you la....ohsem la bos