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Friday, January 09, 2009

Fridays in the office

Its friday, its 4:27pm as i type this.

I'm just counting the minutes till the time comes for me to go home.....

Things has been slow today and yes, im bored. That is why I'm writing this, hopefully to kill some time.

Went out for lunch with some colleagues earlier. Alwyn, Alex and Nicholas to be exact. Was suppose to go to this place at Seapark for those sinfully delicious Char Siew. On the way there, the car air-cond failed ( not my car) a nd we had to send it for repairs. It was so hot that even the spinning fan at the garage felt like air conditioning.

So, Char Siew scrapped as we sent the car to a garage for repairs or parts replacement at Paramount. Nearby there was a restaurant which sells seafood and fried noodles. I'm sure some have heard of the place Restaurant Loong Foong. Yes, the very one which sell those superb roast ducks for dinner. Too bad none were available for lunch. No pictures as the food was grabbed before any photos can be taken.

We ordered kwong-fu ying yong, fried rice and braised pork ribs yeee mee. The first 2 orders were so-so. Nothing spectacular. The braised pork ribs yee mee as the killer. The meat was tender and the noodles were cooked that the taste literally exploded into the mouth as you bite it. We were able to get 2nd helpings with the 1st two dishes but the yee mee was done for in one round. We even use the left over gravy to go with the fried rice....will surely be there for another round of it.

The damages was about RM44 for 3 dishes with serves 3 each and 8 glasses of chinese tea. Thanks to Nicholas who belanja-ed us lunch. If we knew, we would have ordered crab and prawns and.....

So missing those Char Siew weren't all that bad after all. Air-cond fixing damages, RM135...not mine thou...

GOing for some Thai food later at Basil's at Bangsar Village. said to be good and expensive. Only 1 way to find out..


Harmony said...

what is this?

wong-fu ying yong?

Daniel said...

dont know the english name,
but its basically kuey teow with fried meehoon with starchy egg gravy :)

its one of those chinese dish. i believe its cantonese style noodles...
if u know, enlighten me :)