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Saturday, January 17, 2009

I got a free iPod Nano....

There was some mobile road show going on in HP offering some corporate offers to HP employees. I decided to take this opportunity to finally convert my prepaid line to a post paid line. I took time off from slaving at my cubicle...

and proceed down to the lobby to check things out and register myself a post paid line. In the process i did get some freebies from Maxis upon registering for the post paid plan.

I got a LG phone which i don't think i will use instead of the K810i which i am currently using now

A football player figurine

A Barclay's Premier Leagues 08/09 season diary. This diary actually starts from August 08' till May 09'. Whatever happened to June and July?

A wrist band cum 2Gb pendrive

I also applied for 2 additional supplementary lines and got this as a freebie

Yes. It is an iPod Nano. I always wanted to own an iPod. Although i much prefer the 120gb iPod classic, whos complaining if its given to you for free.

See it is an iPod....
But, as all good things go, there is always a catch. They only give out the silver colored one and it has only a 4Gb capacity. The ones in the market are available at 8GB and 16GB. However the worst downside of free stuff is....



tsc said...


max said...

that maxis logo is way too big haha

Daniel said...


if its the same size as the serial number printing, i wont complain :)