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Friday, January 25, 2008

My new toy...

Yup, its been along time since i last blogged, most of is due to my newest toy. I just can't get enough of it..haha.. i totally agree now with Sony PSP owners. haha
This device is fun and at the same time addictive with lots of new mouth watering games coming out this year for it. Namely Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core ( english version), Kingdom Hearts as well as God of War, just to name a few...

Yea, i got myself a Sony PSP last Friday.

Its been a week and i still cant get enough of it. Its just that addictive. One can listen to songs, watch movies, take pictures ( provided u buy the add-on camera la), play games and in WiFi environment; surf the net. What else can u ask from for something so small. And yea, the images are so sharp its as thou your are playing on a real console on a TV. Games can be downloaded off the net and i can also get some from friends who also own a PSP.
Anyway who could resist downloading when your download speed is like..

lol....i downloaded the 1.6g game in less than 6 hours.

Recently i kinda liked the theme that a MAC will bring. Comparing with the windows appearance, i kinda prefer the looks of a MAC machine. Hence, this is what i did to my work PC, just to customize it look like a MAC

same goes to my PSP, given its availability....haha

on side note, i kinda gonna miss my cubicle when i leave the company, as well as the friends that i made there. they guided me and are nice and fun people to talk with. great company to have and you can just talk about just about anything with them. and there, my work cubicle..or table..or place...whatever..

yes...i blured the screen contents on purpose.
there a white board just behind me, for notice purposes, but whenever i am bored and looking to let go of some stress, i will just doodle over it and this is just ONE of that i have doodled on the board.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Got It From My Mamak

Genius....i would say..The morning Crew. Rudi & JJ come out with their latest parody.
Had came out with " Not So Furious" a parody off the Tokyo Drift soundtrack by Teriyaki Boys;

" Don't Cha( Wish your boyfriend was hot like me)" a parody off the PCD version of Don't Cha and

even the parody mix of J Lo's "Operator the line is dead" together with the BEP's "Pump it"; i think that song that came out of this mix was about Jessica Alba. I guess thats all right?

Anyway this latest parody, " I got it from my mamak" is kinda catchy, inspired by Will.I.Am's "I got it from my mama". As the title, its mostly about the mamak...haha

Just tune to and you may get to listen to it. They play it quite often recently.

These are the lyrics..

Hey JJ…


Yeala, where you wanna go ah?

Dunno, you got kereta?

No ah… jalan lah


JJ, where’d you get your canai from?
Rudy, where’d you get your maggi from?
JJ, where’d you get your tosai from?
Rudy, where’d you get your curry from?

I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it got it got it…

JJ, where’d you get your kopi from?
Rudy, where’d you get your nasi from?
JJ, where’d you get your sambal from?
Eh, Rudy, where’d you get your tapau from?

I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it got it got it…

Mamak, looking good from his head to his toe,
Curry overload, body out of control,
Open 24, you can always go,
So happening, also got cendol,

Roti smelling good, they don’t use ghee,
It’s almost small, it’s the place to eat, (apa khabar?)
You can tell curry’s been there for a week, (wah sedap!)
Mamak made it hot, I can feel the heat!

So be veli good and thank your mamak,
He makes food just like a sauna,
Panas, panas, here it comes now, panas, panas, here it comes now,

I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it got it got it…

Aney, Aney, Tolong kira please boss!

(Some tamil convo here lolz)

- What?
- Ten ringgit forty cent, buuuttt for you guys - Ten ringgit.

Eh Rudy..
Mmm, tak rasa la. Not enough spice la…
Don’t worry, I know what to do man.

(Telephone dialling)
Ow Sh*t, it’s the morning crew!

Ho, you ain’t hungry?
Well - I - am,
Take you to a place where they don’t eat ham,
Speak malay or speak chinese,
A little bit of rice and some black eyed peas,
Where else can you go and eat real late?
Straight from the club and it’s food on your plate,
Love Mackie Diz, but not today,
Think I’m in the mood for some cool teh,
Tell JJ, I think I found a winner,
Me and Rudy, we both missed dinner,
So you know that we’re ready to eat,
No durians, now please have a seat!

Come on…
I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it got it got it…

All these food right here, I got all these from my MAMAK.
All these food right here, I got all these from my MAMAK.

If a roti real fine, 9 times outta 10, its coming from my mamak,
If the kopi real sweet, 9 times outta 10, its sweeter at my mamak,
If the cat’s really ugly, I bet you, it is not at my mamak,
If the girl’s real fine, 9 times outta 10, she’s hanging at my mamak,
If you’re chilling in subang, 9 times outta 10, you’re chilling at my mamak,
If you’re hanging in ampang, 9 times outta 10, you’re hanging at my mamak,
At my mamak!

JJ, where’d you get your canai from?
Rudy, where’d you get your maggi from?
JJ, where’d you get your tosai from?
Rudy, where’d you get your curry from?

I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it from my mamak! I got it got it got it…
Roti make some noise!
If you like kopi, make some noise!
If you like mamak, make some noise!
Make some noise, Make some noise, noise, noise…
(noi, noi, noi, noi, noi…)

Ok, ok enough of the noise, eh - macha, macha, Rudy - Stop with the tin cans la!
Are you serious?
Yeala please
Eh, but how’s your roti ah?
Ooo, dashyat man
Eh, eh whatchu got eh watchu wat’s that?
Eheh, chicken, lamb, everything inside!
Got telur?

Keep it up morning crew.....


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pondering for a new toy..

did not add it in my previous post, kinda slipped my mind..

im kinda pondering for a new toy....
unfortunately there are a lot of wants but i can only afford one of them...haha

the HTC touch.....i dont think i have much use for it just yet, so not really getting it yet... it cost about RM2k. The flip screen feature, the small size really caught my eye.

The Nokia 5610 Express Music, cost about rm 1000. An OK, affordable Walkman phone. Looks really nice, and i like it. But did not really tested the camera yet, so i'm not so sure. Will probably opt for its non-slide phone cousin, but that model is ridiculously slim. But the design really caught my eye.

or the Sony Ericsson K8501 Cybershot, about RM 1300-RM 1500. 5.0 megapixel with Cybershot. Nuff sedd. haha.
Had been a Sony Ericsson phone user, owning a K750i. I like the design and the other features a Sony Ericsson phone brings. Buttons look a bit weird but i will get use to it. but the 5.0 megapixel Cybershot camera is really really tempting

or the Sony PSP, comes in at about, RM 900. Gaming console, stores games, movies and music. Kinda like a portable media player. haha. Will be able to use it to access the internet via Wifi and use it as a phone with Skype or MSN installed in it; in Wifi environment. Been wanting to get it for a long time but lack the funds. May just go for this, but i'm still unsure.

all of them is something i have my eye on now, but i will have to choose. I need to really treat myself with my salary...haha


Just a little update

As title, its just a little update of what happened that past few days..

was out Saturday with Melvin and Kah Hean as the shopped for their new phones. Not a good start to that day as i met an accident. Nothing much, just a broken headlamp ,which cost me RM100. Back to the phones, apparently mobile88, some phone company, had a clearance sale going on at Kampung Pandan where LG and Philips phones come cheap, averaging at about RM 500 each. Pretty decent and they look quite good too.

Too bad there weren't any Nokia or Sony Ericsson units there. They we practically trying to convince me to sell them my K750i for RM200, telling that i can get a new phone there. swt. " I love my phone, its not the flashy-est but i like it, not for sale at the moment". haha

Since Isaac was back from Korea, kinda decided to call him out for makan and ended at Ampang for YongTauFoo. Hang out for awhile catching up and some how we ended at Sg. Long with Rosyied at night for a game of Half Life. Sped down the Laundry later on for some drinks and catch up with some campus buddies.

Nothing special happened the other days as it flew by just like that, i can't really recall outstanding that happened. Sunday was kind of a family day and Monday to Wednesday? work la whats to special. Different day, same shit. Still counting the days when i will leave the company and start a new in a different place. I've tried for some openings within the company, but did not get it. Was told or 'informed' that something happened so did not really care. Its over, and we just gotta move make matters worst, there was no feedback or even a reply for our inquiries. What ever....

The other thing was i helped my friend formated his computer for the THIRD time, in less than 2 years. What the hell? Apparently his internet connection kinda screwed up It says connected, and even had an IP address. But is unable to browse any internet websites. Tried lowering MTU, settings DNS addresses, reinstalled the modem, and setting up the network again, even using my own username and password.......phew, it did not work..

Eventually the streamyx technician came and told him that his computer is gone, needs to format...So i helped him do it and his internet is working again....had previously warned him to use the internet carefully, not to download stuff if he is unsure as well as INSTALL AN ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM .....heck AVG is free and its quite decent..

Pop-ups saying " boost your connection speed" , " your computer is infected, scan now" or even " you have won a million bucks as you are the 999999th visitor, click here" are NOT telling as what is mentioned there. Upon clicking, you may have just expose yourselves to spams or spyware or even viruses.....basically on the internet, just be alert and be more aware...

Anyway, somehow these days i have a tendency, or habit or the urge...what ever u call it; to look to stand-up comic's video over at youtube. People like Chris Rock, Russell Peters, Jerry Seinfield or even Rowan Atkinson ( Mr. Bean) cracks me up. I mean, its a good way to loosen up and release your stress. What better way than having a good laugh..and i mean a gooood one.

Thats all for now, i guess.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How to not get your @$$ kicked

was sent by Donny....i find it kinda amusing...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Some crappy stuff in our society...

Well, it seems to be awhile since the last post, which is quite a 'short' and crappy one....well basically some stuff happen in work and out of work that made me feel 'pissed'. I don't really feel to talk about it as it does not seem to be solved just yet... if you curious people wanna know, just come up to me and i may share it....haha

Putting that aside, some thing unruly happened last Wednesday's morning, approximately about 5.20am. I was driving to work as normal for my crazy 5.30am shift when i saw a bunch or Mat Rempits or one wan call them, 'biking-bastards' rode pass my car at a traffic light. Okay, they rode pass me and i am thinking, whatever...

Park my car in behind of some other dude's car and wore my shoe. The dude who was in front of me left his car just moments before me. I got out, walked to my office, and as i was approaching the traffic light, the same dude was being chased about by the Mat Rempits. 6 bikes at least 10 people against that innocent dude, who was unfortunately was carrying a bag which I suspect may have a laptop in it. Seeing that, i quickly sped towards my office building to make a police call. Some other guy, who apparently was in front of that unlucky dude was already making the call. As i looked back, the victim as expected was stunned, standing at the walk way, without his bag. Fortunately he was unhurt physically, but he will be definitely mentally bruised..

One thing got me thinking, what if that dude wasn't there? I could be the one robbed. i felt somewhat thankful. That dude was panic and couldn't think right as i thought, why did he still carry the laptop over a sling on this shoulder when he could've hugged it and ran towards the building. Carrying it over the shoulder does make it harder to run compared to hugging it rugby style. Anyway talking is always easier than actually doing it. Thinking back, i saw shattered glass lying on the road last Monday which got me worried. Feeling worried of my car, i came down during lunch time to check and was glad to find nothing wrong, no shattered windows.

I was so scared to go to work this morning, worried that i face the same fate as that dude. I came for my early shift as usual and parked in the building basement parking. 3 bucks, for the first 3 hours and rm2 for every hour...i got my car during my break and drove out to park at my usual spot. i rather pay 3 bucks that rather risk getting robbed. A piece of advise to everyone who has those crazy early morning shifts or late night shifts or anywhere in the matter of fact please be more aware of your surroundings. its better to be safe than sorry. It is advisable to carry a 'weapon' with you, pepper spray or even an umbrella ( not the foldable ones). Try not to carry to much cash with you and limited the number of credit cards or bank cards in your wallet or purse. Above all, try not to panic as it will affect our senses making us act hastily. its always good to keep a cool head.

We can only hope that our government will actually do something about this 'biking-bastards'. I heard that the government are somewhat encouraging them as they requested the bastards to help transport voters to the ballots. WTF??? They can get the whole police force the stop riots and demonstrations, why not get about 10-20% of the force just to curb and stop the Mat Rempits?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


As title.....nothing to say here....
probably when i cool down abit, i'll edit this.. or delete it...

Monday, January 07, 2008

Some footie stuff from midweek

I was cracking my head, thinking of what to blog and the FA Cup matches over the weekend somewhat made my mind. The FA Cup, the oldest running football tournament. Thou its only within England, the passion for that competition never seems to die off. Passionate fans from professional teams and semi- pros come together to support their teams to the finish.
I save something over the show Nokia Football Crazy last Saturday, stating football is not about the game but its about the passionate fans, which can make or break a team. Which is why i think our national teams aren't doing so well....

Burnley - Arsenal is a match where the winners are already expected even before the game starts.
But as we know, football can be a very unpredictable sport as Burnley was the first to create clear chances, with Laferty crashing a header into the crossbar, who was later sent off later in a game for a 2 footed stud showing tackle on Gilberto which happened just in front of the ref. not too hard to a decision huh? Maybe it was a little harsh...

A chip through ball from Toure , among the 3 first teamers to start, to Eduardo; given his hot form, the ending was inevitable. No power, just timing for the perfect run and slotting it to the right on the keeper. He then put through Bendtner to put Arsenal 2-0 and that is how it ended.
Going through to face either Stoke or Newcastle. A game which saw Wenger fielded a side of mostly players who often sit on the bench with the likes of Fabregas, Hleb, Rosicky and Adebayor on the bench. It seems the rotation came out fine this game but it nearly backed fire when Spurs came visiting the the Carling Cup semis.
Again Arsene fielded a teams of youngsters with only Gilberto and van Persie, back from injury; the only first teamers. in fact only van persie as gilberto seems to have already lost his place to Flamini, who seems to be turning to another one of Wenger's diamonds. Fabianski who came in for Almunia made superb saves before surrendering to Jenas tap in after a lapse in the defence. Without the likes of Toure and Senderos and Djourou seems to be carrying injuries, it does not seem to good nest month.. Arsenal was really lucky to escape with a draw, which Walcott equalizing with a shot that was saved by the keeper only for the ball to bounce off Walcott's chest to roll into the net. 1-1.
With the African nations cup, arsenal lose 2 of their main players in toure and eboue. There is cover for both of them, but senderos or djourou dont look like they can fill toure's boots. i guess we will have to find out in a matter of weeks.

arsene is planning for a last minute pounce on ex-gunner nicolas anelka. it may be good news but they already have 5 strikers with carlos vela returning from Osasuna. Theres lots of rumours going around but as we know wenger, he does not spend a lot and will usually wait till the closing weeks of the transfer window. but with the 40M warchest, he may be tempted to spend. Perhaps on luka modric, jeremy menez and some defenders. Hopes to see the likes of benzema and ben arfa donning the arsenal kit during summer thou...which i think is most unlikely...


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

as per title....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
haha....btw, if you think about it, what's so happy? its just another day, the passing of a monday to a tuesday, its not that everyone will find an extra 100 smack-a-roos in their wallet or purse......hmm...but anyway that enough reason to give billions of people to celebrate the passing from 2007 to 2008..
think about it....different year, same shit...people are still dying of poverty and racism, discrimination, terrorism and war are still at large around the world. All we can do is hope and pray that this new year will enlighten the views of people around the world...

By the way, i got this new year wish from Andrew via facebook...

true..right? haha

Anyway, it seems to be a normality for people to make new year resolutions, to set some goals to achieve in the year. For me, i dont seem to get the sense of it as i often break that resolution some where in March or April. Setting a resolution is like an excuse to create a time frame to achieve your goals...reasons to delay...haha. but it seems also as an target to achieve throughout the year.....
My resolutions this year will be....

  • Get a new car
  • Get a good job, career wise
  • Slim down ( lol )
  • Get myself a PS3....provided they mod or hacked it, making it able to play cheap pirated games...heck, the PS3 is a media center as well.
and some others which i don't think that i need to list down here...haha

anyway...thats all for now....
happy new year...