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Friday, January 23, 2009

Punisher: War Zone

Frank Castle for more fondly known as the Punisher is back to kick some butt. Thou after kicking some hundreds of criminal's butt, i think it has become his specialty to kick all wrong-doers butt.

BEWARE , better cover your butts!!!

From the synopsis, it seems this installment of the Punisher, since 2004, will be about revenge, thus the line " Ultimate Revenge, Ultimate Punishment".

The enemy now, Jigsaw, whom Punisher left disfigured from their first bout. Driven by vengeance, he now seek revenge towards to Punisher who will hand him the ultimate punishment,


Staring Ray Stevenson ( Punisher) and Dominic West ( Jigsaw)

p/s: does he call himself jigsaw because his face looks like a jig saw puzzle?
p/s: can i get the freebies :)

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