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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Taman Pertanian @ Bukit Cahaya

Went for a little cycling escapade with a bunch of friends to Bukit Cahaya earlier this morning. For those who don't know, its located in Shah Alam. Supposedly a Taman Pertanian or Agricultural Park. Still don't have a digital camera so all pictures are still taken of my phone..

Arrived there at about 9 , rented a bike and we started cycling. Its been more than 5 years ago since I last rode a bike and i do have doubts whether i can still ride one. The only biking i have done is over in the gym where the bikes are mounted and stuck to the ground. No balancing needed, just paddle.

Luckily it went well and i manage to cycle without bailing. Really tiring as the course require us to cycle up and down the hill. Great exercise no doubt. Its a pain to cycle uphill so we ended up walking up.

Its the beginning of the course and am already drained off my energy to cycle uphill.
But the rush of adrenaline and the feel of wind blowing in your hair as you speed and cycle downhill is just superb. Thankfully for the shaded setting, the air is cool and its a great place to cycle.

Our first stop was this observation tower at a supposed mushroom park but i fail to locate a single mushroom. The view atop the tower was superb and i just wish i had a better camera to capture them. But what i got was pretty decent. By this time the sun is already up and with sunbeam shining on you, you tend to get tired faster.

Proceed to cycle towards the 4 season house where it is supposedly w inter now. Just my luck, the chain of my bike had to come off and i ended up trying to reattach it to the gears but obviously failing miserably. Fortunately there's a dude there with some bike know how and he aided me to correct the damage.

Obviously its really cold in there without any jackets and anything else to keep us warm. Add a sweaty shirt. Confirm catch cold...

The we proceed to cycle more. Up and downhill to go to the fruit farm where there were supposed fruits to eat. There was none and by that time its nearing 1pm. Proceed back to the shack to return the bikes before heading for lunch.

But nothing beats a pack of ice cold lemon tea after a cycling trip on a hot day. muscle aches as i type this. How can my shoulder hurt so much when i cycle with my legs....damn

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The internet is for.....

shared by kazuki

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

FOMCA wants to set petrol floor

I just read this through over at and we can expect a further 15 cent reduction per liter on RON97 fuel at the beginning of next month. Great news indeed, give the recent reduction of crude oil prices globally. Now at RM2/l im paying about RM80 for a full tank and with this reduction, RM70+ should suffice now. Great.

Then some genius from FOMCA ( Federation of Malaysia Consumer Association) came out and suggested to the press that they want or at least hope that the floor price for petroleum will be at RM3 per litre. His excuse? Encourage us to use less petrol to encourage more R&D in other forms of energy and to promote the use of public transport.

Encouraging the R&D in other forms of energy is really a good move actually. But he does not realise the fact the most Malaysians could not afford a hybrid car which is priced seemingly higher than a car with 2.0 displacements. Check the price for a Civic 2.0 and a Civic Hybrid.

When the price is increased to RM2.70/l a few months back, we could see the effects of it to most of the people which also prompted the hike in prices for other consumer goods. So at RM3/l we can expect to pay like RM3 for a normal pack of nasi lemak kosong? Not everyone here is as well off as you, you bastard.

Can't afford petrol prices, take public transport. Sure...rise in petrol prices will not affect the surcharges for buses, which services suck. Its not on time, passengers have to pray hard that the bus does not break down. Busses are not on time and most of it are dirty. Im sure if the services are good, none will complain. Even some housing areas do not have bus services.

LRT? Sure. Lets take for example....Wangsa Maju area has how many stops and where as Cheras has how many stations? Not to mention places like Subang where the nearest LRT they have is located in PJ. How about places outsite KL. I dont see or hear about any train stations in places like Penang or Johor. Public transport are helpful, if they are effecient and clean. Plus some bus stops are located near the highway and passengers have to walk back to the home. Feeder bus? yea sure if you are willing to wait for an hour for one. I would not complain walking in but if the government going to insure or at least assure us that the little treats like snatch theft will not happen.

Obviously this jerk who suggested it lives near a LRT station or have not really taken a public transport as he is driven around by a driver on this BMW.

On another note, Yoga is banned? Just because it is similar or resembles some Hindu prayer and has certain chants. The yoga i know only involves bending your body here and there; no chanting. Great job M'sia Government

Monday, November 24, 2008

Aquarium under construction

This space here is due for a more decent post now...

I came across a site somewhere in the internet which kinda inspired me to do a little somethings to my aquarium....which is to create a moss wall. Im hoping that it will turn out into something like this..

A lot has changed in my aquarium since the last 2 months...
It came from

And thanks to a certain algae attack which ended up with most of my plants dying due to the lack of nutrition thanks to the algae taking up most of them. I had to throw most of the plants away and i am left with this...

OK. I got some sword plants to place at the right corner or else it will look really bare. I decided to try experimenting and attempted to grow moss instead of plants. I had some before is it is showing signs that it is growing so i thought why not.

I went to the local hobby to get some Christmas moss ( named due to the way it grows, upwards and in a cone shape) and some Java moss ( from Java?....well i don't know).
Tied some onto the wood and attached some newer ones to the existing ones.

Thus it now look like this..

Notice the green netting at the backdrop. It is holding in the Java moss. I am really hoping that it will least sticking out of the mesh. OF course i wanted it to grow to look like the 1st picture.

See the moss in there...

My tank now looks almost like its under renovation. Plastic mesh are everywhere now...

New guy in the tank. It is currently now still hiding but it is eating.

Hoping to see it swim with the other discus in the tank soon.

On another note. 2 new additions to the family.

The dude.

The dudette.

My folks bought a pair of rabbits cause they look too damn cute. hahaha
Actualy wanted to keep rabbits for quite some time already. I don't know what breed are they thou, but they seem like a cross breed between a Netherland Dwarf and a Jersey Wolly according to a friend of mine. It has short ears and long hair. so you me..its a rabbit.

I have yet to name them thou...suggestions?

However, rabbit in, plans for a sugar glider needs to be put on hold.....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dude, where's my chips?

We dont get this kind of adverts here do we.......

We all know Nandos is good.....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When msn goes haywire this even possible?

Am I online or not now?

Day Color

7 days in a week and a color for each of them.
so its.....
monday blues
yellow tuesday
red wednesday
brown thursday
green friday
orange saturday
and a
white sunday? was your day?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas is near.

Its already mid- November and we all know that Christmas is just about a month + 10 days away.

We don't really have to note this down as we are all reminded of this festive day every where we go.

Even at Starbucks.

Notice the snowflakes printed on the cup?

Again Starbucks have re-introduced their Christmas menu as the festive season draws near.

I had the Toffee Nut Frappucino a few weeks back but that is nothing new really. They have that last year as well. Missed those toffee nuts which is sprinkled on top of the whipped cream of the ice blended drink.

This time, i got the Dark Cherry Mocha Frappucino. The lovely Barista who as tending the register there recommended this drink. I was initially opting for a Caramel Marchiatto; well they are trying to promote these newer drinks on the menu. Did i mention that the barista was lovely? lol

The drink did not dissappoint..
Its basically a Mocha Frappucino, made using dark chocolate and a hint of cherry flavor as you drink it. Topped with whipped cream sprinkled with chocolate powder. Wonder if we could request for some additional chocolate syrup to go with it.

In the end, it tasted great.

Penang CheeCheongFun in PJ

Its at Paramount actually. I was around the area, for some apparent reason which i don't really recall, looking for some breakfast. As i passed the coffeshop ( i did not get the name) which is opposite the Caltex petrol station. It is the one at the same row as Alif College in Paramount Garden, PJ. This area seem to have a lot of good food.

There are plenty to choose from but this stall caughy my eye with their serving of Penang Chee Cheong Fun (CCF).

For those who may not know, Penang CCF is not different from the regular KL CCF; commonly served with sweet sauce, chilli; for some, a dash of soy sauce; and sprinkle on some sesame seeds and fried shallots. Penang CCF had all that plus a dash of prawn paste or " Har Kou"; which is more commonly taken with Assam Laksa. Besides this, you can have curry instead.

It was priced reasonably i guess at RM1.80 for a small helping and RM2.20 for a big one.

CCF alone is not enough? Get some Yong Tau Foo while you're at it for RM0.80 per piece. Its not the same store as the one selling the CCF but all in the same coffeeshop.

Those may not know, Yong Tau Foo is basically tofu, bean curd and some veggies; commonly chili, bitter gourd, ladies fingers; stuffed with fish paste.

A combination of both plus a glass of iced tea makes a great meal.

For me at least..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Matrix on Windows?

Got it from here

Friday, November 14, 2008


I saw this over at

Ever wondered how photoshop would look like if its not on the computer screen?
Apparently, some dudes over in Indonesia did and this is what they came out with.

Cool eh?
Now even those who cant afford the license to photoshop or lack the 'resources' can crop and layer their designs..

Wonder what is the size of the paint brush for those finer points

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happenings in football

Scoring for Manchester United


Trashed some 'seniors'

Get some respect

Scored 3 in 2 against Liverpool

Impressive win

C elebrate in style after scoring


Pictures from Soccernet and Teamtalk

Saturday, November 08, 2008

So....which way?

Saw this over at SS2, PJ.
So again...which way is the one way street?

Friday, November 07, 2008

TigerFC Big Away Game

Tiger FC members and football fans alike will sure be aware of the match this weekend.

Tiger FC are organizing a big screen viewing at Republic, Sunway Pyramid during the live telecast of this match which is one of the biggest in the BPL calender.

Match starts 8:45pm; party starts 7:30pm
It happens on the 8th of November

Will the Devils get Gunned down or will the Devils overcome the Gunners?

Republic, Sunway Pyramid is the place to be this weekend.

Tiger FC members get a bottle of Tiger on the house.

And the final result is....

Samir Nasri got 2 goals and Rafael got 1 back for United


Anyone watched the Liverpool- Atletico Madrid game?
Despite the fact Maxi Rodriguez scored a superb goal, its was worth nothing, maybe a point, thanks to a certain Martin Hansson.
Pernia went for an aerial ball when Gerrard ran into him; thus reason enough for the ref to give a penalty. Really? It may warrant a foul outside the box ( note: MAY) and its deifnitely not a penalty.

The result? Liverpool saved off their blushes and Madrid lost 2 points. Heres what a poll on soccernet says

21% are most likely Liverpool fans.

Overall a bad night for english clubs. Arsenal and MU drew their matches and Chelsea got hammered at Rome.

Del Piero single handedly kicked Real Madrid's ass; in 2 games.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

GoMobile GoMobile Go

This image here look familiar? The house-hold name of dubba-oh-seven or simply 007 is made famous by those people who play James Bond. Now its Daniel Craig's second go at it in the latest installment in the never-tired-after-several-decades of James Bond, this time...
The Quantum Of Solace

which you can catch on screens this month; the 6th of November to be exact.

Don't have time to queue for tickets? Online bookings are fully booked? No credit card to purchase them online? Fret no more.

This answer your question? GoMobile is actually giving away 25 pairs of tickets for a screening of Quantum Of Solace on the 9th of November at Cathay Cineplex Damansara, that is like this Sunday. All you need to do is ping over here for more details from Nuffnang.

If you get them, prepare a thank you card to GoMobile, the sponsors the those passes. Satisfy your mobile and gadget needs and do visit them at their expo in PWTC from 21-23 November and check out what the have in store there. Get your fix at GoMobile.

btw, i do prefer my drinks shaken.

Monday, November 03, 2008

How are you dude-ing today?

I saw this in the papers the other day and looked over the internet for it.
Its from the comic Zits, which i think is really hilarious.