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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CNY closing lunch

Alright, the last post was kinda off. I'm just trying to let out as much as i can and this seems to be a great outlet. However I'm still feeling bummed and still very much demotivated to do anything.

On a more cheerful note, as the Lunar Year of the Ox draws near, its almost customary for companies to organize a get together meal, be it for lunch or dinner before we all take off for the Chinese New Year break. We had one today at Loong Foong Restaurant in Paramount. There was a big group of us who joined this gathering, occupying 5 tables.

One dish that is a must-have during the Chinese New Year period is definitely the Yee Sang. Most may know what is in it but its basically a toss-up of chili, ginger, jellyfish, onions, parsley, shredded turnips and carrots, some fried flour, crackers, plum sauce and raw fish marinated with lime, cinnamon and pepper.

Upon lying all the ingredients down, we proceed to toss it about. The belief is that the higher you toss, the better your luck. And from a neatly presented dish, it will become like this...

After that is done, on come the dishes. First came the shark fins soup which was a bit too salty but tasted superb nonetheless.

Next up is one of the restaurant's signature dish. Obviously one of theirs would be their roast ducks but its unavailable in the afternoon. So we had to make do with this.

Its basically a seafood mix which consist of abalone, scallops, fish maw along with some shitake mushrooms and lettuce in thick starchy gravy; served in a pumpkin. From what i had before, a big helping can go up to RM70.

This half eaten dish is the steamed Patin fish teow chew style. I was digging into the pumpkin dish that i forgotten to take an untouched picture of the fish. Its steamed with ginger, salted vegetables and some beancurd.

Up came the fried rice which went superbly with the gravy from the pumpkin dish.

The prawns are next. These prawns are de-shelled and was fried to perfection. So crispy that the little bit of shell left at its tail can be eaten along with the meat. The sauce was a little spicy along with a hint of sourness. Arguably the 2nd best dish after the pumpkin one.

Then came the stir-fried pak-choy with century eggs and fried beancurd topped with minced meat. No pictures here as i went to top up the parking meter and as i returned, its all gone but the little bit helping that was on my plate. Briefly, the pak-choy was so soft that its so easy to chew it and the sauce that came with it was superb. Nothing too spectacular with the beancurd.

On came the deserts with jelly stuffed with red bean paste and iced sea coconut juice with longans. Just what you need on a hot afternoon, a cold drink,

After all the meals, the boss when around for a toast with all the employees, wishing for a great year ahead. Positive thinking despite the bad year that most people expect this year.

Happy Chinese New Year to all reading this space. Hope the year of the Ox brings much prosperity and fortune instead of a whole lot of Bull.


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Han said...

I can't eat raw meat... sure die one