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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009

The clock struck 12 and its 2009....already?
Shit...2008 felt as thought it just flew by....and its, whats new?
I can't believe is spent the 1st 30 minutes of 2009 watching 'the Nanny' at a friends place...

Was there earlier for BBQ and as there are not firework displays viewable nearby, we decided to tune into the TV for a firework display. Midnight came, bye 2008, hi 2009, a toast and the fireworks went off from a live telecast from Dataran Merdeka. Not impressive at all and was totally turned off by the lame-if-you-can-consider-it-a-song song.

The BBQ was great. The lamb and chicken wings and cubes were marinated to perfection. Tasted great especially the last bits as they were soaked in the marinate longer. A killer salad as well as a potato salad. Also in the picture were off the shelf sausages and burger patties. No alcohol as most were none drinkers but we did had wine which was good.

about 2008. i had a not bad year. i got a job in a quite established company and i have no complains about the work there.
Got a new car...

A new phone...

A new camera..

A PSP...

A new racquet and new shoes...

I went to Chiang Mai

Went to Penang.

Went to Malacca.

Went to see Daughtry live in Malaysia

I too managed to tone down a bit...just a bit thou...

But there is just one thing that i have not done yet and i'm afraid i have to move it to my 2009 resolution list or my to-do-list for the year..

Some interesting stuff happened the past year too...
Spain winning Euro2008

MU winning the Champions League.

The Beijing Olympics

Usain Bolt did a 100meters in less than 10 seconds.

Fuel prices rose to freaking RM2.70 per litre before dropping to the current price of RM1.80/l...whee

My to-do list for 2009...

Get a promotion or a pay rise.
Be more hardworking.
Get a girlfriend :)
Travel to more places; hopefully Bali
Get a PS3 if its modded.
Watch my eating habits
Save more cash
ICE my car
Try to update the blog more often
Get more people to visit here

Thats it for now i guess. BBQ pictures once i got them...

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