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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Horrific Tackle and some other updates

Its been a bad week for Arsenal football club.....sadly to say
Was totally outplayed by Manchester United in the FA Cup; losing 4-0 at Old Trafford in what i would say is the worse Arsenal performance this season; apart from Manchester United playing extremely well. A deserved win for the Devils. Other eye catching result of that round of matches was of course the demise of Liverpool in the hands of Barnsley at ANFIELD!!! talk about unpredictability..its that even a word?..

Arsenal held by Milan in the UCL; i would say its a not very satisfying result for the Gunners given the chances they had in the game. Liverpool against all odds beating Inter and United held by Lyon. For me, the game of the round would be the match between Celtic and Barcelona at Celtic Park. 5 goals in an entertaining match.

23rd February 2008, Arsenal FC rocked by the horrific tackle on Eduardo da Silva by Martin Taylor in the 3rd minute of the game.
No need for explanation, just view and a picture tells a 1000 words..

I'm here wishing and hoping for a speedy recovery for Eduardo and hope that it will not end his playing career.

Recently Melvin talked me into listening to Nightwish. Apparently its a Finnish metal band and some of their songs are pretty catchy and interesting. Have not been listening to it, but just today out of curiosity, i though of just giving it a try and i must say, its pretty good. ( after about 5-6 songs). Am still listening to it..haha

If u liked to find out more or view there page, click HERE

Here are some of their songs from youtube

Nightwish - She is my sin

Nightwish - Amaranth

Enjoy.if u like....

Just a bit more, was shown this by Earl. I find it really amusing. Its a bout 10 minutes and i can guarantee, you will get a good laugh after viewing it.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

I bought it from Ebay

saw this over at youtube. not sure u anyone of you seen it...but


Friday, February 15, 2008

Some laughs that i got off the net....

Was browsing and came across some stuff that i find rather amusing..

one of the reason why snow was given to us in life

clearly this guys is doing it wrongly....
global warming is real and its upon us....
a formal form for apology? click on image to get a more detailed image

a good keyboard for online chatting....
and a few more....

some would agree.....i think...


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Update....since cny.

Wow....its been a while since, guess im just getting lazy or there is just nothing much to blog about.
Anyway, CNY has been great, even with the lesser angpows. That is apart from going down with flu for the first few days of CNY...that is.....sucked rite?

A doze of panadol, 100Plus helped cool down the fever abit and even now i am experiencing some shitty sore throat that just wont go away....its already been a month since the throat start aching....dammit.

That aside, CNY is the time where we visit friends to get angpao as well as to get a round of card/mahjung games. Thou our crowd tend to be small, we ended up playing 'chor tai ti' and when theres enough ppl, we do Blackjacks and some other games which im not quite sure of its english name; one of it being " fher luung moon" or to put it bluntly, " shoot at the goal" ....whatever..
There are wins and there are loses, and i would say i lost more than what i luck.
Winner will always need to spend the group for dinner or some meal; at least for yumcha sessions lar...
Yesterday we sped down to PD for BBQ. why? cuz we got nothing better to do. We left the house at about 730pm; went to econsave and jusco to get our you can see, pretty last minute..
left at bout 830 and reached that place at around 930-10...cant really remember. set the fire and start eating , and left for home at about 1230.

That aside....

Great for Manchester City to gun down United on their big day; the 50th anniversary of the Munich Disaster. After that result; Arsenal beating Blackburn was crucial to make full advantage of the Manchester result as well as the bore draw between Chelsea and Liverpool. That game was so boring till i got my PSP to play while watching..seriously...
But Liverpool came closest to winning, but with their finishing recently, they will finish within the top 5 or 6; not the top 4. 12 games left; anything could happen. Thou i hope what ever happens, it happens from the 2nd position onwards as the title will be Arsenals!!! Can't really blame a guy for hoping right?

Weekend FA Cup clash between United and Arsenal; great game up the cards. Kinda takes off the gloss from the other FA Cup clashes. it could get any better than this. Will just have to watch it to find out the results.....our you could wait for the results in the papers the day after.

On a weaker note....
Another lonely valentines day. no date no plans no activities....sigh..
i guess i just dont see enough people and just failing to take the chances that come forth..
Sigh, my targets are all taken; and i dont really have anyone else to call as yet....
Now i feel like " looking for a deep enough drain to jump/fall into"

anyway happy valentines


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Usher in the rat/mouse/rodent year 2008. Hopefully this year will be a prosperous one and i wish everyone good health and wealth this year. No matter where to 'wealth' come from, but health should always come first; drink moderately, drive save whether you are balik-ing kampung or visiting friends or looking to kick it with Uncle Lim's son.

Mandarins and 'bak kua' aplenty this time around as well as the angpows. So needless to say, i'm in pursuit for angpows. haha
Its the last day of the lunar year, family dinner a bit later and who knows whats the plan later in the night....

Gong XI Fa Cai

Monday, February 04, 2008

Catch up....

Its been a long time since i blogged as there is nothing much to blog about anyway. hay ha.
Been caught up with my PSP and was spending a good part of my 1 week off last week playing with it. The only downside that i find on the PSP is that the wireless runs on a 802.11b connection instead of the standard 802.11bg that comes with most wireless adapters.
Difference between 802.11b and 802.11g? To put it bluntly 802.11g is faster compared to 802.11b. Even if your wireless router runs at 802.11bg ( which means it supports b and g connection) connecting the PSP will downgrade connections to a b connection; meaning your laptop that was running on a g connection will also slowdown to a b connection.
Not that i'm complaining but the main thing i want to use to PSP wireless function is to get an ad hoc connection with my mate's PSP for some multiplayer gaming.

Was up at genting on saturday night; just for the cool air and some casino fun...din really gamble; and even if i did, no luck. sigh...anyway caught the MC-Arsenal game. It was a tough weekend for the top 3 teams as the face difficult away games. It was great to see Adebayor and Arsenal making full use of their possession and chances to round up the game 1-3. Great win i would say; given Manchester City's unbeaten home record. I guess Arsenal owe their neighbors Tottenham a 'thank you card' for carving out a draw with MU in a game where Spurs totally deserved to win. That shows taking your chances in a game is every important. Defoe scored on his debut to ensure an Anelka goal for Chelsea does not warrant a win. Liverpool expectedly beaten Sunderland in a game where a win is the least expected for Rafa.

Its great to see arsenal back on top the table and i really hope that they can maintain their form throughout the season up until May. This season's title race has been the closest yet with 3 teams just separated by 6 points. Champions League football is returning soon and the mouth-watering match-ups in the next round is just; i would say; around the corner.

With CNY just around the corner, i would say there are plenty around to house to do. Namely cleaing the house. Its amazing how dirty a small corner of a house can be. haha. CNY also means lots of food, with various of snacks available in houses where you got visiting. Also up are the CNY delicacies namely the YeeSang. I would call it " Chinese Salad" haha. A blend of turnips, carrots, Pamelo fruit pulp, a little bit of this and that ( yes, im not very sure what they put in there too) and a choice of raw fish; salmon; or even abalone or pacific clams even lobsters; covered in plum sauce, cinnamon and peppers; glazed with a generous helping of peanuts and sesame seed. Toss em all up and it will turn from this

to this

A good dish for fellowship or gathering i would say as everyone around the table with toss the ingredients about; to mix it up. A delicacy only available during the CNY period and it cost from about RM 28+ for a full plate.

adious for now and happy CNY