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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

time to revive my blog...its been a week since i logged

well, last week went from lousy and crappy to 'ok'. well um, as mentioned, i screwed an interview on monday, went to fill up something on tuesday and collected my 'Minutes to Midnight' CD and was called up for an interview by E2 Power, some subsidiary of OCBC bank. at first, i am really having second thoughts about the position there but what the heck, i went and gave it a shot. that fella asked me to be there at abt 1030 as my interview session was at 11. i reached at 10 and waited will 1145 then only i am asked into the interview room. not that there was a person before me so i was like " what the hell?" plus the people there wasnt that friendly at all. sure the place is nice, but as you exit the lift and head towards the glass door, people on the other side of the wall walk pass you as thou you were some animal in the zoo. can't they even bother to open the door and ask? customer service konon. luckily i wasnt the person who was the 'display' as i invited myself in with some postman who were delivering stuff there. just told that staff who opened the door that i was here for the interview.

the interview went ok i guess but i doubt i'll get the job the moment i left my seat. the interviewer said, and i qoute " banking is not your field and your field is more on IT". so i was, well ok. don't care. just hope la at that moment, plus other reasons i might not like the job is 1)cyberjaya is waaaayy to far 2) i dont want to work when everybody is sleeping 3) "Banking is not your field"

so went home and got a call from Datacom, the company that which interview i screwed up on monday. the manager of the department i was applying for gave me a second chance. i was like i asked why. apparently, i screwed the interview but my assessment was good, so i kinda got the position la. asked for time to think over and gave him the answer the following day. so yea..i am employed starting at 1st June as a technical support and earning a cool RM@%^& per month. im undergoin training at the yea..busy busy.

several stuff crossed my mind as i think,
pros 1) secure a job early, eases my stress as i am stressed before i got the call
2) quite a good pay, so yea
3) is the kind of job field i wanted
cons 1) i have to start work early, no more rest
2) start work, less time to go holiday ( signing away my freedom, lol)
3) that area is freakin jam in the morning and the evening.
well, at the plus side of the job, dresscode is CASUAL. meaning jeans and t-shirt to
my colleagues are friendly and my boss seem to be a fun person to lepak far so good la..but apparently the job is quite stressful, imagine handling customers who don't really understand what you are trying to do even thou its explained in layman's terms? ah. well..
plus a possible pay rise after my i perform la...haha

well thats it for now.


Monday, May 14, 2007

hi...its already been a week since the last post..
a little update on what happened last week. well i went for this MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist) course. well, this course concentrates a lot in using programming language to develop a website and of course the chance of a job opportunity with some Microsoft partners. i feel as thou i have wasted a week of my life cuz 1) i suck at programming and learning it more did not make much better 2) i did not go for the interview scheduled for us because i had another appointment on the same day and, 3) i will not opt for a programming job. anyhow, its good experience learning some new stuff plus, its free.
during that week, went twice for steamboat, one in cheras the other in sunway. good times with friends and got really stuffed in those two occasions. football with some friends in the weekend and man do i really need to exercise, no longer used to football after almost 3 years of futsal only..haha
oyea...went for the nokia n95 wireless adventure auditions on saturday. what is it? well, if chosen, i will get a n95 for free...doubt i will get it thou...felt as thou we screw the auditions up..with the new toy, we will enter a competition that is like a rip-off from the amazing race, winners gets a trip to rome or prague.

well, am feeling damn lousy today, hadn't has the best of starts today. i went for some interview, jammed almost have way there, parking was freaking expensive and i totally screwed the interview up. well in short, its like the interviewer asked questions that i cannot answer; technical stuff...well have to move on and take this as an experience..seriously i really felt really down feeling as thou to give up...but gotta move on.

and, about the 'girl', erm..i kinda decide to forget about it for now. lets just say i dont really have the confidence to tell her and be a better now im jobless and girl-less. i feel as thou i have wasted my campus life by not getting someone..well its the past and i gotta move on..hopefully i will find another suitable one or build the confidence to tell her how i feel ( need the moment and setting will work on it and bide my time; which i hope i still have). personally i prefer the latter. haha again, advices are

thats all for now,


Saturday, May 05, 2007

erm...lets see how i start this off...
studyin is over for now, my working life will start very soon. what happens in between?
well, thanks to eunice & co. , they organized this great party last thursday at the orange. free flow of beer and lotsa fun..was able to meet and catch up with some old friends. among them was one who spend a good time of that night, laughing; and i mean a good amount of time of that night. so far to the extend where the bartender came and joked with her asking " u still laughin?" lol...

in the previous post i qoute "doubt i'll drink alot thou" ( or something like dat) erm..i did not drink alot wert...haha. well, was playing some sort of game with some friends, losers gotta drink..and so the story goes...after that session, i was literally wasted and drunk...but still sane...haha..
there was a guy who told me during the beginning of the party, that "if im not drunk yet, i cant go home"..i was like "..." ok...i think he was the guy who got wasted the fasted, so i heard...
met a few new friends, and one of them said and i qoute, " when u meet a new friend, u must drink" ( or somethings like dat) and so goes down a few more..

drinkin was done there and then i was literally wasted, blur but still sane. slowed down since then, just taking a few more sips here and there...since mabuk ady, juz taruh la (but i can still walk in a straight line).. for the whole night, i was hoping that i wont throw up. near the end of the party, some things happened that is best left in the memory of the people who was there. done and left within the four walls, a ceiling and the floor ( a box ler). after the party went for some hot tea and a mamak nearby. biting a piece a lemon trying to kill of some of the smell and hopefully regain some consciousness. my head was feeling woozy. some hot tea just make it feel better. fortunately, i fetched someone over to the party and he could drive me back ( or almost to my place)...else i dont know what will happen. ..reaced home at 3am and i got a SAP class at 9am later that day...needless to say, i was like a zombie at that class.

1 thing i noticed during that class was, the time was passing really, really slow. sap's over, pop over for pizza and eventually ending up at chili's at 1U to meet some friends. 2 rounds? hhaha...chili's was for the drinks and to meet the laughing machine ( to see if she's still laughing). drank, chat and chat for almost 2-3hours? haha...had dinner and watched spiderman3 later that night..well, the show as ok ler...slightly below my expectations...but ok..give it a (7.5/10)..i still think that venom died a bit too easily, given that he is spiderman's arch enemy...may be there will be spiderman
after movie, go mamak, drank some more and chat some more....
well, every things will have to come to an end, its like a blink of an eye, 4 years had just gone past. still vaguely remembering the day when i met u guys. thanks. thanks for the memories. there haven't been any greater buddies...gonna miss u guys...
maybe next time, when u get ur pay, give me a call and belanja makan la...haha.don't worry, when i get mine, i wont forget u guys....

thats all for now...hopefully i can get some pictures from the party as soon as possible...


Thursday, May 03, 2007

AT LAST!!!!! after sleepless ( or less sleep than usual) nights and looking at those dreaded books ( or papers with lotsa words and little pictures, after ignoring the gaming console for 2 weeks....exams finally, and i mean FINALLY
well, the exam season, well for me, its over for now..hopefully *prays hard*. all in all i think it was ok least can do..but i 'm not sure...not me marking to paper..well, today's paper, THE LAST PAPER!!!!, was ok..thanks to the ever so accurate tips, so accurate that its..erm..beyond words..
well im stupid...from the first few papers, i start to doubt the 'study guidelines' provided as most of them are kinda taking no chances, i read a good part of the DSS syllabus. however..its soo damn !@#!$ accurate that i regreted my actions and missed my so ever precious sleeping time, making me walk, talk and do my paper today like a zombie...heck i was so tired that i pushed my table nearer to the wall so i can

ok...lets not bring anything from the exams up...and to a brighter note...erm..not much activities after the paper today thou...was damn literally forcing m eyes open typing
ok...was planning to watch spiderman3 today...went to d cinema, got frightened by the queue and some other day...

anyway tonight has something to look forward to. my coursemates are kinda organizing some get-together, gathering, free-flow beer and food party. doubt im gonna drink alot thou...need to drive and i dont wanna risk looking at the return of my breakfast (semi digested with some juices) lol...but will drink la..abit plus i've paid for it, so enjoy la..haha

well, so far, thats all...gonna try to catch up with some sleep and avoid being a zombie tonight...haha..need to be..erm...a bit less zombie like to enjoy getting to meet some old friends..

gonna surrender to the bed which as been screaming....haha

adios...nite(lol its 3pm)