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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is so overrated.....
at least here in Malaysia.

Good to hear some people actually took the effort to flick the switch and turn of the lights for an hour.

The Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower had their lights turn off * thumbs up*
Don't know about the others as i was home, not driving around, burning fuel and contributing more to global warming. actually i was sick la...

I got news from a friend the PWTC ( some building in KL ) is blazing bright just to accommodate some meeting that was going on there. How are these people expect to send a message thru when everyone has their lights off and they turn on the lights of the whole building when the ones they actually need are the ones in the meeting room itself? Hypocrits. The guai lous do, we also must do to show that we are equal. But wait, let others do, while we enjoy the air-cond.

One friend suggested the electricity prices should be jack up by 3 to 4 times during the 1 hour. Confirm people will stop using electricity during that time :)

Astro should also stop transmission for that 1 hour. Since National Geographic and Discovery Channel and also several others are stopping transmission. But if that happens, i can expect some aunty here shouting, " WTF, ASTRO SEI JOR AR!!!" ( wtf, Astro died already?)

Thou earth hour is to create awareness and sending out a message, i believe we Malaysians are still not ready for it. No offence, but the mentality is still not there.

Now, after turning off the lights for an hour, we can ensure our survival for the next 34592580385 years. And now, to make up for lost time...its time to make up for lost unused PAWAH!!!!

wait I think PWTC just made it up for us...damn.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Gunpla collection so far...

I recently re-living one of my childhood desires to collect Gundam models. Mostly due to being influenced by the latest Gundam series and the availability of such models at a cheaper price compared to getting them off the shelf of some mall or departmental store.

Here are some pictures of my collection..

1/100 00 Raiser

1/100 Exia

1/100 Dynames

1/100 Kyrios

1/100 Virtue/Nadleeh

1/100 Red Frame Astray....i have not taken any pictures of this yet as it lacks some detailing, paint and coat....

And the most recently completed, just lacking some decals and coating...

1/100 MG Wing Zero Custom

Thou its fun to build these kits as it kinda takes my mind of things....this things are seriously burning a hole in my wallet... and i have some 3 or 4 in mind more to get....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Seriously...even google think so?

Saw this in facebook...

obviously photoshopped

but still....

and another one....try this..

type " find chuck norris" in google search and click " i feel lucky"


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fast & Furious 4 is ON April 2

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Earth Hour is just another 11 days away.

Show your support by just turning off the lights for an hour on the 28th of March. Show your support towards the move against global warming and support the movement towards a better tomorrow and save the Earth and mother nature...its the only one we have and lets not ruin it further for the future generations.

Details here

p/s: i wonder if the stars will be visible during the hour of pitch darkness

Thursday, March 12, 2009

1/100 MG Gundam Wing Zero

This is my very first Master Grade Gundam Model and it is currently still a work in progress...
I always wanted to get this kit once it was released several years back but Gundam models are really costly back then...

I managed to get my hands on one of them now...haha. Thou i much wanted to get the Perfect Grade version but it will put me back some RM600. I'll just settle for a Master Grade Gundam Wing Zero for now...

Box art.

The runners for parts, 16 in total.

Work done so far, the upper body, without the shoulders

Dude, where are my legs?

Gonna take my time building this kit...:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not that quite over you..

Following my previous post, its quite clear that i am not quite over my recent heartbreak.

After that particular incident, i thought that i could just let it go and move on. I try to keep my mind of that matter by occupying my time with other things, hopefully to help me get over it.

Even at work, the lost of motivation to work is quite obvious, thou I may not make it too obvious, some colleagues seem to notice it. Its not that i started doing a more crappy job, but its more on my expression of being less cheerful compared to the previous weeks.

I have not been communicating that often on messenger anymore as it kinda reminded me of certain things. Yes, i do communicate quite often on messenger prior to this. I only keep communicating via it to work colleagues and to close friends. Some have even ask me why i am quiet on messenger of late. My answer will be "..." I have nothing to say....feeling stoned.

I really thought that i am fine and will not let this heartbreak get the better of me. Whenever asked about it, i will say that i got over it and it will not affect me one bit. I can even laugh about it and not let this matter get in the way of me taking my time and have some fun... more futsal and more Left4Dead, more time for my Gundam models...

So i thought.....all it needed is one sleepless night and with nothing to do but lie on the bed, my mind starts to wander...and as it wanders, it recalls all those memory of being together with her, all the little things that attracted me in the first place. Soon, as i stay up late, alone, in front of my laptop, these thoughts of what-if, or had-it-be; starts flooding my mind and makes me feel crappy; as though somethings is missing. I still not quite over it, but i tried and i tripped right in front of the finish line. I know it should get over it, but i was too naive thinking it will just go away in a snap.

I am sick and tired of this feeling I am having right now. I just hoped some light can be shed and lead me out of my misery here.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

That left me all alone
But I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired
Somebody turn the lights on
Somebody tell me what's wrong
I'd be lying if I told you
Losing you was something I could handle

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Trust you - Yuna Ito

The current ending theme for the Gundam 00 anime. What can i say, sweet voice coupled with nice soothing music. It was the a great combination for a song. When i first heard it, i fell in love with that song..

This is of course the TV version of the song. Yes, the full version of the song has been released along with her latest album on the 4th of March.

plus the singer, Yuna Ito, looks quite hot too. :p

Men vs. Women

Thanks God to our simplicity.... :D

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Life's a roller coaster

Its been a long while since i last updated with a much decent write up....everything else has been so random and somewhat meaningless.

Life's a roller coaster. Don't you agree?

We do come across certain ups and downs as we walk down the route of our lives. Sometimes live can be so good, you think that you are at the top of the world, and sometimes you just feel as though your live would just end.

I somewhat broke down on valentines with some unexpected outcome. As the days pass, i got over it and thought that it should not mean the end my world. It hurts at first but by taking my mind of it by doing other things, i somewhat felt better and not dwell in the matter any longer.

I started to frequent to the cyber cafes once again. I have been to cyber cafes at least once a week since that dreaded day; no thanks to Left4Dead. Although the game seem meaningless ( running around and kicking zombie's ass) and short, it was kinda addictive and its great to play some computer games with a couple of friends. Good for relieving stress. :)

I too start to go back to some of my childhood dreams of owning and building Gundam models. Yes, i have child within me to satisfy. Its was very costly back then plus not getting any income albeit some allowance from parents. Now the price has dropped and with a somewhat steady income, i can indulge my inner child to these models.

I was stunned on Monday afternoon after hearing news of the passing of my grandmother. I was devastated as it came quite sudden. I totally lost my mood to work. Fortunately there was nothing much to do, so the effects were that bad, work wise. I spent yesterday and this morning at the funeral paying my finals respects to someone dear whom i will not meet again. May she rest in peace. No, i am not feeling any better now about it and i kinda regretted not spending more time with my grandmother when she is around. These matter is a hard pill to swallow but we all know for fragile life is.

Went back to work today just before lunch time after the funeral service. As i sat down and turn my computer on, my boss invited a bunch of us for a treat at Secret Recipe. Its not a offer that we can turn down easily :D
Great lunch, went back, read some emails and i came across one that said:

"Daniel, your contract has ended."


I did mention to my boss earlier and i immediately got him to start a discussion. After a somewhat long talk, making known what i want to achieve in HP and him letting me know his expectations, good news came. He has planned to extend my contract but just needed time to discuss certain details with me. So i got a contract extension and further chance to advance in my knowledge and career.

Just came back from futsal. Bad game, I did not score any goals.... Was damn tired and almost do not have any motivation to play after what happened the last few days. Nonetheless, it was good exercise and i am damn tired now. My legs hurt. Gonna hit the sack now.

In the end, to sum it all up. There is never really ups or downs in our lives. With exception to certain matters. It still boils down to how we look at things. Its never good to be too optimistic or overly pessimist. We need to look at the greener side of lives to really enjoy it to the fullest. So what if i have a crappy spell. Try being an optimistic pessimist. That being said, it basically means try to look a the brighter side of even the worse of situations, i prefer if that way. That way you won't be overly crushed over your failed high expectations but tend look at the brighter side of things. Life will be uninteresting, it everything goes your way. Its kinda like a coin. Whenever you're experiencing something bad, just a flip ( through some decisions and actions) you might see the brighter side of things :)

Gonna sleep now. Ciao