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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Crude oil prices and some other ramblings

Notice the widget by the right side? The one that states Crude Oil Prices?
Good. Finally got your attention there.

From observation since i added that widget, the price has been....increasing.
Slowly in small amounts but nonetheless steadily. Is a a good sign or not? The supposed price review every two weeks has not come yet but we should expect a review later this week if not next.

6 days into the new year and i have been experiencing some shitty experience already. My bathroom drainage is clogged. Got a plumber, checked and found out that the u-pipe ( don't know what is it actually called) is clean and the main drainage pipe in the 3rd floor ( im at the top floor) is packed and filled with water. Which means, something is blocking the flow of water to the 2nd floor.

They were bitching about a clogged drainage, blaming it was our fault as we were doing some renovations and painting. Drainage at our place was sealed off during work and paint does not harden in flowing water you fucks. Even the plumber mentioned that a clogged drainage at thier house was reported at 10am. We only started painting at 3pm. So you mean to say the water we used to wash our hands off the paint traveled back some 5 hours? Those fuckers blamed us without a single trace of evidence or proof and demanded compensation. The mentioned the paint harden and blocked the drainage. Fine show me the piece of 'paint' that you claimed blocked the drainage. We poured water stained with some paint...not paint. Your fucked kid must have threw something in the drain but did not tell you.

A simple and illustration below.

Engage maintenance people to investigate and hopefully they can act fast.
Here's some logic about this problem here, which i feel our 2nd floor neighbors lack knowledge of.
  • If in the very case, they seal off the drainage of the main pipe to prevent water from flowing into their drainage, what happens to the ones living above you? Water fills up an area and with no more area to fill, it will find an outlet. We all know water flows DOWNWARDS and in a VERTICAL pipe, the only possibility of something to stay there and clog up the pipe is a the bottom floor. If it is clogged the 2nd floor would be the one flooded. Since is it not, that means there is a blockage between the 2nd and 3rd floor. 3rd floor is out of the question as their drainage there is sealed.
  • Water cannot get to the 2nd floor, 3rd floor's drainage is sealed, so next escape point is my bathroom
  • The only place for debris that goes through the drainage and get trapped there is in the u-pipe. Gravity pulls objects downwards, duh. Perhaps those people down there are too stuck up to even notice that.
If it is proven that there is seal in the drainage between the 2nd and 3rd floor. I am make sure those fuckers and the plumber, who i think is their neighbor are getting sued their asses off. So they think they are so high and mighty that they can seal off other people's drainage. Their neighbor is also so fucked up they are such busybodies and start making assumptions without any grounds or proof. When asked to elaborate a simple answer like " stuff like that happens" suffice and they think it has been explained...

Just a rant to let off some steam. I now have no bathroom to bathe in and have to bath in the toilet.

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