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Monday, January 26, 2009

Scaling Mount Bukit Tabur - 24/1

24th January 2009 would a first for me. I woke up before 7 for the very first time after a long long while, to climb a hill.....i don't even wake up that early for work ok?

We, myself, KahHean, Mei Ai, Mei Sheen, Lydia, William, Kevin and Andrew , planned to meet at Kevin's place at 7am before we start our climb but yours truly woke up at 6:55am. So, after a quick wash and fast drive, i arrived there at 7:20am.

This would be my first time climbing that hill after hearing so much about it, even new a bout where people get seriously injured and even died(?) during their expedition. Shit...
The thought, " why am i here when i should be sleeping at home" keep running through my head as we walked from Kevin's place to the starting point of the climb.

Bukit Tabur is actually located near the Klang Gates or in Taman Melawati, nearby Wangsa Maju. One can see the hill from Wangsa Maju; just look towards the hill area and you will spot a quartz hill. Thats it. From the top one, can enjoy the view of the lake behind and the view of the city in the other direction. Its up to you to judge which has the better view, the misty lake view or the hazy smoky city view.

We stumble upon this huge ass spider hanging over its web at a power cable. It was the biggest spider i have ever seen in my life so far apart from a Tarantula.

Everyone is energetic before the decent, despite some very sleepy expressions.

Some of the flora stumbled along the way. Don't know the name exactly, just for photo taking sake. After a short tiring uphill climb, we reached our first pit stop to take a short breather and got a glimpse of the lake over the hill.

A short break and a quick drink we continued further up where we got a better view of the lake which is by the way, man made due the the construction of a dam nearby.

The sun is up but the mist around the area plus the occasional cool blowing breeze was so refreshing it motivates and gives us strength to continue the climb. Soon, the sun began to peek over a higher mountain. The rays are now shining down on use and the only cover we had was the shades of the lush greenery there which will be quite lacking as we proceed higher...

Some decided to go ahead faster....

Further up, finally managed to see that dam which created the above scenery

Then, 2 fellas chose to pop up while i was taking the picture of something else.

As we went on, a came across huge rocks where we need to scale upwards, sideways and absail downwards. Pretty much like rock climbing but without the ropes and harness but i think it is much simpler compared to rock climbing.

Thats where we need to scale downwards alongside a rock with a rope; which was there anyway; to get on our way.

Kevin and myself made it pass first and we had to wait for the rest as the make their way across. William was always at the back as we made our way pass the obstacles and he was the one who always felt abandoned....haha

Met some French who were also making their way along the trail but in the opposite direction. So while we wait, we managed to rest and capture some of the surroundings.

And Genting Highlands

Stumbled across no wild animals apart from 2 dogs which i think have been there all the while, some insects, swifts and numerous floras and...

A lost schoolboy..



incogneeto said...

We didn't pop up in the picture ok, you ask us to pose!

blossoms_stoned said...

wow... great pics. The view is gorgoues! I live near wangsa melawati, and would love to get more info on where is the starting point of the hike, and do u need a guide up? thx...

Daniel said...

not too sure what is the starting point called and no you dont really need a guide up but having someone who knows the way would be better...