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Thursday, January 08, 2009

How to cope with stress at work?

Like all working class people, either if you are working for yourself or for someone else, stress is bound to creep in. Stress is not good, it ruins your appetite, health, emotion and affects the manner how you handle things.

Heres a couple of ways i think might help one cope with stress, or at least reduce it.

  • If you have a smoking buddy, smoke! ( not a really health option thou)
  • get up, walk about a little. to the pantry to get some drinks or to the wash room to freshen up
  • stretch a little, be it your arms or legs
  • drink some water
  • talk to some of your colleagues to get your mind off things
  • if internet connection is available surf the net a little to get your mind off things
  • if you have a bubble wrap, play with it.
  • if you have a stress ball, squeeze it
  • or you can do this....

or this...

Hope this helps you relax...


kennhyn said...

if it's after working hour, go grab a pint of Guinness, it will help, don't drink too many, just a pint... sure will destress....cheers!

Daniel said...

anything goes after work...this is for...during work....
a pint of Guinness always helps :)

Anonymous said...

Cope with stress at work