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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tioman retreat

This space is due for an update...
Nothing much happening apart from the trip to Tioman over the Labor Day weekend. Not really the most ideal place for a holiday but i needed to get out of the office and out of the city to relax and get some fresh air.

The journey started from 9pm Thursday night. KahHean was suppose to arrive at about 7pm but the whole of KL decided to be on the road that night which resulted in a parking lot the size of KL. We barely made it for our 10pm bus; and that to after parking the car somewhere and taking the LRT down town. The bus trip as bumpy and i can set my seat down; which resulted in me unable to get some decent sleep durin the 5 hour tplus journey. Arrived at Mersing at 330am. Having being in the city for most of my life, i can't accept the fact that there are no 24hour mamak and cybercafes. To add to that, i dont think i haven't been into a town so infested with Mat Rempits and CATS!!!! yes. CATS.
So we sat at the only eatery which happens to be opened at tha time till 7am after rounding the town to a motel to bunk in. I swear if I was walking there alone that time, i wont be here typing this blog.

After waiting for some 8 hours our boat finally left Mersing at around 1130am for another 2 hour journey to Tioman. This makes some 12 hours plus of traveling and waiting.

Im kinda lazy to type further so heres a summary of it.
1st day: Arrived at island and being ushered to our chalets at Paya Resort; which was appropriately named as we are nearer to a paya than to the beach. A quick lunch and we headed over to a stream which as named Rock Falls. Went for a quick dip in the cool stream water. Refreshing it was. Headed back to some beach volleyball which as one some sandy ground rather that being on the beach. A quick dip into the sea, a decent dinner and we are done for the day.

2nd day: Woke up, quick breakfast before heading out to sea for our snorkeling session. As the 1st stop was crowded, we ended up at the duty free shop where we stock up on some booze for the BBQ dinner later that day. Did i mention the booze in Tioman was almost dirt cheap? Back to the point. We stopped for the "marine park" to snorkle 1st. Yes there are quite a lot of fish to see and its a good place to go snorkle, if u enjoice being stung by jellyfish, swimming into other people and seeing nothing on the seabed but sand. The marine park failed to impress me. Next snorkle stop is at more open waters. This one place made up for the dissapointment for the 1st snorkel site. Seabed was filled with corals, lots of fish to see. That is basically the end of the day as we headed back for a good rest and fantastic ice cold beer. BBQ dinner was decent and be bunked in after taking in some booze.

3rd day: After a quick breakfast, headout to this small island which is accessible when the tide is low. Enjoyed the cool morning breeze and work ourselves over rocks to the other side of the island. As the sun got higher and getting hotter; nothing beats a nice dip into the sea. Head back to the chalet for some rest before heading out for what i think is the best ramly burger i ever had. A quick nap before 430 to catch our boat back to Mersing. Had dinner and waited till about 10pm for the bus back to KL.

Im kinda lazy to upload pictures, no thanks to the crappy internet connection these days. For those who had me in FB, just look for it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Arsene Wenger

Ok...THAT, i didn't know he can do..

Thursday, April 23, 2009



Thursday, April 16, 2009

Con man?

Planning to quickly grab some markers, a quick bite at Endah Parade. As i parked my car, some dudes approached me say it some kind of lucky draw and asked me to try my luck. At first i rejected as the shops is like closing in 30 minutes, a group of about 4 of them came over, so quickly settle it and go. I ask is any purchase required, he said "No".
I tore the card up and it says i won a special price, then they all cheered as thou they had won. I was thinking its too good to be true. So i just played along.

Here's a summary. I stand to win either an Altis, Persona, Viva, some bike, plasma TV, laptops or trips to Turkey, Australia, Japan or Bali. That dude said to win ALL i had to is collect the prize and get a picture taken for advertising purpose in ok la.

Layan them abit more and the explained more about the T&C
Here's a short summary of how it went.

cm: well, you stand a chance to win all these gifts
me: good, no need to buy anything right, just help you advertise on papers right?
cm: yes, plus you will get this stuff ( microwave, home theather system, massager)
me: wow, what brand is this?
cm: its a new brand
me: ok
cm : u need to pay RM5.6k to get ur gift
me: for what, u said free?
cm: yes its free...
me: and i get the 3 stuff ( microwave...)?
cm: yes and the prize
me: but the other dude say no purchase required
cm: yea...nonit to buy anything
me: then the RM5.6k i pay for wat?
cm: to get the 3 item + your free gift
me: means im buying something to get the gift la
cm: no
me: zzz went on for a while....

me: but i dont need the stuff for RM5.6k
cm: then u sell to other ppl la
me: waste my time right. the other dude say straight can get prize, juz need to help u advertise ur stuff
cm: yea...but we still need the 5.6k for u to get the prize
me: lets say i draw and get the car...then only i give u the 5.6k can?
cm: cannot
me: but the card( lucky draw card) is mine right?
cm: yes
me: can i take it back with me. i come back tomorrow, cuz i got no $ now
cm: cannot, u cannot take back
me: then how, now no $
cm: nvm i help u foot half 1st
me: *wadafak...desperate like shit*
me: you think i straight got 2.8k now?
cm: go atm press la
me: wtf
cm: can ma
me: lets say i get the Bali trip and exchange it for RM7k cash. Can i walk out now with RM1.4k after taking out the RM5.6k i suppose to pay you?
cm: no
me: whats the difference?
cm: you need to give us the RM5.6k then only we give you your RM7k.
me: ....
cm: its like that lor
me: here my num, call me bk tmr, i free i will come
cm: ok
me: kthxbai

wasted my time there and when i went to the shop i wanna go...close liao..
Some say i should ignore at first. Well i was alone, and getting mobbed by like 3 to 4 doesn't leave you with much of a choice. The upon getting the winning card, more of them start to mob me....

Maybe its for real, maybe its not. But it does sound like a scam to me. They say the represent some established company but from the company receipt or forms, it contradicts. Even everything they say the fuck to believe la..
Ask me advertise for you, somemore need to pay you. Where's my royalty?

They called me back this morning, i just ignored the call.. :)

Some might say im a sucker for passing up a chance to win a Altis. Maybe I am but I aint that rich to fork out 5.6k for 3 items i dont really need for that chance. Will you?

Seriously, their approach is very desperate and laughable.

Its almost the same as this

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Federico Macheda

Its kinda clear who is the hero around Old Trafford nowadays..

No, not him.

Federico Macheda's the name. This seemingly unknown 17 year old Italian came out nowhere and scored 2 winning goals in 2 games while being on the field for less than 40 minutes all together.

If United lifts the title at the end of the season, it will surely be down to his heroics.

And it seems he does not only scores on the field....