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Saturday, April 28, 2007

ok.its been awhile...actually about four to five days since i blogged. was busy with exams and stuff. seriously, i have nothing interesting to blog about...boring life...hmm..
lets see, between those intervals, i sat for 2 papers, one of them was today....ok lets see....
the datawarehouse paper wasn't that bad. i kinda know what i am doing but i am not sure if i had done it the right way...haha. it was ok, most of the stuff i read came out and the doubt that i have towards the paper was the diagram...hopefully it was correct and even if its not, i hope for some markah
have anyone ever tasted teh with gula melaka...found in a coffeshop at PJ. well, they had it on posters in that shop, trying to promote it. i have no idea on what to drink so i decided to give it a try. result was..WOW!!! it really taste good. in fact the food they have there wasn't half bad, plenty of choice, and cheap...considering the prices u get in PJ for those kind of food..satisfied...

other highlights on the past week was study, study, wasting time, study and study...damn...
didn't really studied well for the saturday paper brain is simply resisting the information that i am trying to pound into, long story short, nothing much really went in..time to delete some stuff from it...spent almost the whole day reading but nothing went waste of time? lol

ok, saturday's intelligent the rate im going, trying and failing to pound the information regarding the subject into my head, im really turning in to a Big Idiotic Subject. haha...anyway the paper that came out wasnt as expected. the stuff i head and concentrate on, well, only about 30% of it came out? ( and that was giving it credit).
to add insult to injury, i wasn't feeling that well today too. i woke up with a cold, sniffing away, trying to hold on to my nose, preventing it from running away and been sneezing like crazy. i practically sneezed about 9 times in a came since friday, after dinner. fortunately i wasnt sneezing away during the paper, probably i can see pens and chairs being flung towards me...having a running nose wasn't bad enough, my head aches like crazy this morning while doing my last minute studying, nothing is going in...kinda the same feeling when i took my e-commerce paper the previous semester..Exam Avoidance Sickness Excuse Syndrome (EASES)? it kinda 'eases' my nerves a bit huh, having an excuse to give if i didn't do too well for that paper. haha
damn..fortunately most of the question requires us to kinda give our own opinion and justifying it...i of them aren't in the la..its over..done.
hopefully i don't flung this i have high hopes for this paper and now all im hoping for is that i don't do too badly for this paper. all in all, the time spend studied was kinda worth it.
the rest of the day was considered as a break, which i think is to most of my friends too...haha. tomorrow is included in the break? maybe...thats the reason why we can't have too long a gap between papers. a break's good, but too long a gap will make us, well maybe only me, feel lazy. gotta, hopefully start tomorrow.

btw just finished watching EPL awhile ago, conclusion MU is gonna take the title as it stands. they have to champion's form and kinda backing them to win it because i and i think many other people, do not wnat chelsea to win their third title in the row...haha hopefully they take the FA cup too. Champ's league? sorry la..its Milan's..they are gonna kick MU's sorry butt for conceding two away goals at Old Trafford when they meet at San Siro..haha. KAKA!!!!sorry la..not MU fan...hopefully i dont get im not quite a fan of english teams apart from arsenal in the champ's league. arsenal beating chelsea next week will practically seal the title for MU.
Arsenal fan wert, dissappointed they didn't do quite well this season, injury plagued. aih..hopefully they come out strong next season..

thats all for now, been sniffing all the while im typing this..anyone knows a remedy on how to cure the EASES sickness or maybe just to cure my endless sniffing and sneezing...thx


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