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Monday, April 23, 2007

ok...did not post yesterday..was busy preparing for the paper today...which...erm...whats the word?..sucked?..nah. actually it wasnt that bad la..its just worst!!! !@$!@$...haha
i mean the tips i acquired, the source said " come out until wont come out ( translate into cantonese)". well, ok la...was a bit of a last resort la because there was a lot and i mean A LOT to read and me wasting time on saturday hasn't helped one bit. it was all about good charlotte last saturday.

saturday...what i did.....spend some time getting to 5 porter forces for the exam case, which DID NOT come out and the recommendations for the case...luckily that came out...then it was off to subang parade where good charlotte had a autograph session. the line was was damn @#!$!%$ long. i brought my chronicles of life and death album to get it signed.. but they only allow good morning since im there and its raining like mad outside...stayed and watched a bit la. a gal was damn lucky that day, she was carrying her guitar while getting here cd signed, benji madden asked her for her guitar, she passed it over and it was signed by all the members of good charlotte...lucky envy...the things is..people had been queuing up since 9am in the morning and i arrive there at , where can fight..

the night at d concert was the bomb!! had a really great time there...apart from one of my friend getting a vvip backstage pass and being abandoned by some friends who entered the vip area. one buck short performed and i personally think they did a much better job at the birthday bash, but it was ok lar..enstranged and j.lo came after. didn't know the songs by estranged are rather good...especially the one titled 'itu kamu'. and of course j.lo did not disappoint with his 'old newspaper' song. haha.

after that, i almost lost my voice, kenot reach high pitch, so left d crowd ( i was in the middle) to get some relieve of the cigarette and sweat smell and to get some cool drinks to quench my thirst. but it was a good was so much cooler behind, away from the crowd ( apa mau buat, i takde vip and kena abandon, haha). from back there i got d full view of the stage instead of the view of people's head in the crowd, and saved my legs from being stomped. some gal who was in front of me stepped on my leg ( i wasnt wearing shoes) countless times when she jumped while j.lo was performing.

good charlotte came after, and i was...WOW!!! the performance was great. besides singing songs from the good morning revival album, older good charlotte classics such as 'girls and boys' , 'i just wanna live', 'the anthem' and 'hold on'. i mean there performance did not dissappoint. i really hoped that they will come back to kl to have another concert..

oh yea..mtv vjs, utt, colby , denise and another gal vj was there too. denise is hot, not that i dont know that...haha. sure wished they could throw the freebies a bit further thou...or maybe use an air gun.

thats all for are being processed now...haha



Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Daniel WOO....
I really did not know i can get in to VIP area and tat time is damn packed, u really blamming me for not inform u....
damn innocent... shouldnt tell u tat i was in vip area...


daniel said...

apasal u terasa? i was oni joking la..its over, done, gone, history.
besides vip or not, i view d concert and enjoyed just messing with you...whoever u are..but i think i have a pretty good idea who..

Anonymous said...

Good Charlotte rock my socks off. Nuff' said.

-Mr. Kazuki