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Friday, April 20, 2007

ok..din really sleep that well last nite...was up early and with nothing to do, catch up with me studies...well..its not goin that well it seems...thats why im here blogging....haha

i still cant get over the thing that is bothering me last night...sigh..its gonna kill me!!!
as i think about it, i also start to think on how i have wasted my life and start to regret most of the things i've done and not done...sometimes i really do wish that someone is listening and will enlighten me..besides i hoped for the power to bend time and return to the past and change some stuff.

anyway thanks to those who helped me yesterday. thanks for listening and ur advices...dun think it'll really help but thanks the case im in now..i think its worth a shot..

suicidals thoughts play around my head. (lol) i will not give in as i know im strong enough to resist it..but who knows for how long.....

a pretty emo post huh...enough of that....hopefully i can set this aside and concentrate in my studies or hope that by studying can help me get over this....

btw...good charlotte tickets given anyone who still tries after this...TOO BAD!!!!!
im goin to good charlotte concert tomorrow and maybe the meet and greet at subang parade too...hopefully i will have to strength to enjoy tomorrow given the things i have endured thus far..


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Anonymous said...

where is the story? should blog about it as well.