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Thursday, April 19, 2007

OK....its been a while since i blogged...well, c'mon i don't really have that much to blog about plus im being kinda 'busy' the past few months. ( d'uh!).

well, some updates, done my fyp, enjoy life since then and now dreading over exams that is hovering like some alien ufo from some far away galaxie in the corner. exxageration? maybe. i have been neglecting studies up late and less than week to go to the first paper, i still don't feel the need to study..(im sooo doomed).
social life? still single, liking someone but not sure how to go about it..ala..complicated la. OK...shall not go into details...

lets see, what i've done since sending my thesis for binding, movies and more movies, slacking off, karaokes, hanging out, late nights, last minute stuff, going to events. ok, it does not sound like much but it really burns a hole ( a big one too) in my wallet. but, i dont think its all wasted. i gotta spend time with my pals before graduation, met pop shuvit, j lo and some crew, chester from linkin park and going to the good charlotte concert this exam in the following monday...that's why, i said i'm soooo doomed. lol

well many stuff happened this week. mainly, i got turned into an msn emoticon...i was damn im gonna get famous in msn...sheet. imagine my future colleagues using msn and telling me, " eh, this is you ar?". imagine that! aih...sudah la...wats done is done..cilaka u tickets to go watch good charlotte too, some from digi and a pair from cruisers. unfortunately they are not vips but i'll try to sneak in. speaking of which, i practically sapu-ed everything the cruisers have to offer today. btw, jj and rudi were there. 1st i got d passes via the hotlink version of 'simon says' . a riddle followed next and i got d package ( top gear and hot magazines, some hotlink stuff, gel, powerbar..i think thats a bout all). then the cd (blue october) was up for grabs, but jj tak kasi aku no cd, just passes and some stuff...but ok la..i was satisfied with the passes alone, i get to call more people...

i must say the term fu-yoh from digi is rather catchy. i replaces many catch phrases we usually use everyday..fuuuuyoh. me and a bunch of friends we're thinking, since digi took fuyoh, hotlink will have to fight it wity 'walaoyeah' and soon after celcom will come out with 'aiyoyo' (indian slang). ok,,let imaginations run wild as some of the brilliant inventions comes from stupid ideas...haha.

too add some stuff, i am now known as dan@fuuyo...thx to a friend of mine....u know who u are.
i'd stress i have nothing to do with digi, except for collecting and using the digi passes to good charlotte (lol) and that i' am a loyal hotlink user for now...furthermore...danielle is a girls name..very misleading leh..

well, i think thats all for now. i got nth to write la..its soo 'early' now too..betta go get some shut eye..


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