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Friday, April 20, 2007

its been a tiring day today....almost too tired to blog, but what the heck. since the laptop is on, im not reading, im facing the laptop, i have nothing better to do.

well, me and a bunch of friends went for dimsum for breakfast and man, was it a filling one. i'm not complaining but the food was good. even i've been there for countless times, the food don't seem to let me down. ( probably im too hungry in most of those occassions).
after the brunch, cant really call it breakfast as its too late to be breakfast and too early for lunch. went to maison ( some club in kl, behind sheraton imperial) for some kind of meeting. man! the general manager is HUGE..and i mean HUGE!!!!! worked a deal and saw the place..its kinda a nice. after, we made a decision and canceled the appointment with zouk. itula...sapa suruh set appointment lewat lewat...

Soon after went to bangsar to study but no parking. to add to that, dbkl campers are there, leaning or peoples car, presumable waiting for someone to deliver their saman slips. ok.....since no parking, we end up going to ikano and some how end up in AnW. i strongly do not recommend going there to study...although we should not really go to fast food outlets to study..
but....mcD wasn't that bad, KFC is definately out and AnW can follow them. its stuffy, its smells like fried chicken. din really study, was really jaded then too, complimented to the fried chicken smell. end up doodling up my notes most of the time.

jalan alor the destination for dinner and man, it did not dissappoint. stingrays, clams, balitongs and oysters.....wahahaha...deh-lee-chi-oh-us. ( forget that..just use delicious). kinda costly too, but ok la...for that area and for what we ate....suddenly some thing crossed my mind, start to alienate myself and..aih. too tired la....or was it???haha.

seriously, im kinda torn right in the middle and i am not sure what to do. i dont want to make a foul move and leave a bad impression. but..whatever....can anyone recommend a good counselor to help me cure my uncertainty. decisions must be made, but the doubt of whether its the best one still looms. or can anyone give me an advice? its truly welcomed..haha

ok...time to stop being to emo and let life take its course..we can only truly enjoy life when we stop and sniff the roses...haha

thats all for today..nth much to add. btw..i have 1 more good charlotte pass. anyone? give me a holler and a good reason...the best one gets it...BUT...if none really impressed me, im giving it to someone who really deserves it....


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Anonymous said...

whats the thing that you're asking for advice? share more of the story please.