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Friday, April 20, 2007

lo...feeling kinda better seems people wants to know the full length of the story huh...
well, not really looking to write here la..since i'm feeling kinda better already..its kinda off my mind for the moment...still in there but not in the surface...
ok la...for a little more detail, talk to me.. or as a preface...its about my social life..get a hint?
its like a liking somebody, but that somebody is going out with someone else and i do not know what i should do thing. enough? i leave the rest to your anyway...advise is still welcomed...haha
i got this from a phrase from some one, " censorship gives rooms for imagination". don't remember who said it..
again, really thankful to those who were concerned. it really cheered me up.

ok, thank goodness it kinda wear off, being able to get my mind of it for a moment and concentrate a bit more in my studies..( not really going too well either). i read, and read, and read the same page for i dont know how many times. *shoots self*

btw when u guys leave comments, please leave your name or a nickname from which i can identify the moment its anonymous and i dont know who its from..really appreciate it thou...

thats all for the study study....soon it'll be work work work..but personally, and i think many others prefers play play play. agree?



Anonymous said...

As you grow older, you'll find the only things you regret are the things you didn't do..just go for it now, the future is promised to no one.

Anonymous said...

Go go go! Fire in the hole.. Ka Bomm! (Ambulance siren)

Anonymous said...

it hurts to love someone and not loved in return but the worst pain is to love someone and never had the courage to let tat person know how u feel...the truth will always hurt but its better than hoping for a love tat is jus a dream..


Anonymous said...

Well, love hurts. But we are all victim of it! See...even Joel Madden said that everybody will hurt or be hurt in love, so you ain't alone. Just hold on and believe (zomg good charlotte mania :o ).

Remember : "Girls Don't Like Boys
Girls Like Cars And Money
Boys Will Laugh At Girls When They're Not Funny"

Though this is not true for all situations, but in most situations, it is. So just work hard and get a lifestyle of a rich and famous in the future! :D

daniel said...

m...e: i think i know who r u. lol. thanx for the advise thou but as i recall i heard it somewhere before...haha..which book u dig it from..

and good charlotte lyrics user guy..i think i know who you are..thx

thank again.