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Thursday, May 03, 2007

AT LAST!!!!! after sleepless ( or less sleep than usual) nights and looking at those dreaded books ( or papers with lotsa words and little pictures, after ignoring the gaming console for 2 weeks....exams finally, and i mean FINALLY
well, the exam season, well for me, its over for now..hopefully *prays hard*. all in all i think it was ok least can do..but i 'm not sure...not me marking to paper..well, today's paper, THE LAST PAPER!!!!, was ok..thanks to the ever so accurate tips, so accurate that its..erm..beyond words..
well im stupid...from the first few papers, i start to doubt the 'study guidelines' provided as most of them are kinda taking no chances, i read a good part of the DSS syllabus. however..its soo damn !@#!$ accurate that i regreted my actions and missed my so ever precious sleeping time, making me walk, talk and do my paper today like a zombie...heck i was so tired that i pushed my table nearer to the wall so i can

ok...lets not bring anything from the exams up...and to a brighter note...erm..not much activities after the paper today thou...was damn literally forcing m eyes open typing
ok...was planning to watch spiderman3 today...went to d cinema, got frightened by the queue and some other day...

anyway tonight has something to look forward to. my coursemates are kinda organizing some get-together, gathering, free-flow beer and food party. doubt im gonna drink alot thou...need to drive and i dont wanna risk looking at the return of my breakfast (semi digested with some juices) lol...but will drink la..abit plus i've paid for it, so enjoy la..haha

well, so far, thats all...gonna try to catch up with some sleep and avoid being a zombie tonight...haha..need to be..erm...a bit less zombie like to enjoy getting to meet some old friends..

gonna surrender to the bed which as been screaming....haha

adios...nite(lol its 3pm)

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