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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Days that went pass, and a disturbing sight

As a foreword, the last few days or week has just been awesome....really.

For starters, heard of the show Mamma Mia! ?
Its a remake of an old musical, into a movie which is hugely surrounds the songs by Swedish group ABBA. I would say its an interesting movie to watch; however some might not like it as the characters sing more than they talk. Its a matter of.....preference. It'd be great if you are able to have movie buddies or companion who are eagerly interested in this show, to avoid the snoring and distracting other movie goers. Good company just makes a movie a whole lot better...don't you think? They might just change your perception towards this flick, for the better or worse. You really have to give it to the cast for giving their best shot, covering the ABBA songs, who did quite a good job...

On a side note, Amanda Seyfried who plays a hot....mamma mia!!

Yea, my birthday just passed and i got this as a gift....
sweet....a ( i think) new design. or color of the nike mercurial. The one which you can often see around either in bright orange or red.

Went out with a a bunch of friends ( waijing, henry, eunice and jeremy) for a little makan. Initially we opted for Chilis but it was packed, so we moved on the Italianies which was also packed. We thought we left our number there which they promised to call us back after 30 minutes for a place, which they didn't.....
We finally settled down at Alexis for some food as the place wasn't that packed. They serve fusion food and it was quite pricey. Taste wise, not too bad but i still prefer eating at Chilis. That day itself just drained down 1 or 2 days worth of training. I just like had Nandos for lunch too. But what the heck, we shouldn't waste or compromise good food. Plus the Tiramisu we had for desert was superb.

I have frequent this steamboat joint at Kepong, beside the Carrefour there. They apparently serve porridge steamboat which was actually quite good. The ingredients are fresh and the porridge's taste was just nice, not too plain, not too loaded with MSG. Price wise...quite reasonable actually. The one im talking about here is Happy City steamboat, which can be quite packed during weekends and public holidays.

Gary brought us there ,insisting it was good and all. We all agreed and would literally give anything to shut his mouth that night. He was like ' instructing' us how to eat at that place. He was like, " no, this doesnt go here" , " no you only eat this at the end". Imagine this, they serve us cha koi which was supposed to be eaten with the porridge. He practically prevented us from dipping the cha koi into the porridge to eat half way through and insisted is HAS to be left to the end. This followed by another trip on Saturday, to the same place with a bunch of friends. It was more like a bunch of friend's friends.

Then came 1st Oct, we, myself, henry , eunice and jeremy went there again. The place was packed and we had to wait or camp for a table. We finally got our table, after 5 minutes of staring at the patron saying " get lost if you are not eating anymore". hahaha
Then, we had to wait for 10 more minutes for the to come and clear the table and another 10 minutes for them to come and take our order. The staff there are either blur or ignorant as they do not respond to you calling them and they do not commune in any other language apart from mandarin. So eunice being the only one able to speak ' fluent' mandarin.....we let her do the was priceless. hahahahahahaha

Food came, we cooked it and ate it....good food..think again. As i made my way to the bath room to wash my hands and back i saw something really.....disturbing. They have a kettle to keep the soup for the patrons to refill....ever wonder where they got the soup from?
As i make my way back to the table is saw one of the waiter, nicely using the cover of the steamboat 'wok', filtering away all the solid food stuff from the soup while pouring the soup into the kettle. God knows where the previous patron left the cover on; over the rusty and dusty top of the gas tank, maybe? At the beginning you will get fresh, 'clear' soup and as you refill, they will give you recycled soup. Great right?

Apart from that, we had beer too. I wonder how the move the bottle from the cooler over to our table. Once the cap was popped, the foam starts overflowing. We pointed that out to the waiter...guess what he did. He uses his HAND...yes HAND, after handling not so clean plates, raw food and maybe a dirty cloth to block the foam from flowing out and then wipe of the access along the neck of the thou he is giving the bottle a hand job. -_-

Shocked at how unhygenic this place can be, we finished the beer, cleared the bill and left. I dont think i will be back at this place for a meal ever again. I rather opt for the according-to-some-people-not-so-nice-steamboat at Manjalara. At least their service is better and are more hygenic ( or at least i have not seen them doing what i saw the staff did at Happy City Restaurant).
One word descibes it....ewwww.


Henry said...

kasut baru, aku mau!

Peter "Kazuki" Tan said...

cis bontot tak ajak
btw, come klang makan la. Plenty of good n cheap steamboats here also. :D

Daniel said...

jom day u datang we go makan....