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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chiang Mai trip post mortem - Day 4

After barely 4 hours of sleep, we had to wake up for the last time in Chiang Mai. AFter the drinking last night, my head was still quite heavy. Got up, washed up, grab a bite before checking out of the hotel. Our flight back home is actually 1105, thus we had to get there like at 9am?

We reached the airport, bid goodbye to our guide and driver before checking in. After that, there still more than an hour left for us to laze around the airport and to shop from some duty free goods. But of course we somehow found time to grab some pictures, even in the airport.

Now we can say we've been to Thailand, the airport at least

Needless to say, the booze here is as well cheaper than the one in KL. Let see the comparison. 450Baht (RM45) gets you 2 bottles of Absolute Vodka while you can get one for RM55 in KL. 750Baht(RM75) gets you 2 bottles of Bailey's Irish Cream while you can only get 1 bottle for the same price in KL. Worried of problems caused by the customs, i passed on the chance to get them in Thailand. Not to sure about the difference in prices for cigarettes and chocolates thou...

Boarded the plane, late again. They had to call for us to board the plane; and that's another near 3 hour flight back home. Goodbye ChiangMai, looking forward to maybe another trip here.....

And KL was all to familiar. Dark clouds greeted us and before we knew it, it started to pour.

Before leaving the airport, we stopped to get some duty free stuff; got onto a cab back to my place.

Grab some McD's on the way. Yea by this time its about 5pm and we had not ate anything since breakfast. Not even on-flight as the ran-out of food there. The all familiar KL city traffic greeted me as i dropped the girls back and i made my way back. Something did cheer me up a little thou, just a little....

Petrol prices dropped to RM2.30 per litre.. yay?

I just realized that i wore Nikes for the entire trip. No adidas?

Short short trip summary
Great company
Visited some great places
The other tourist who joined us were very friendly
I find it hard to understand our tour guide( but she tried...hard)
Our driver drives very fast and aggressively
The food provided was very disappointing
We were ALWAYS late and rushing
Sellers at the bazaar are DESPERATE to sell their wares
At least 10 stalls in the bazaar selling the same stuff
Alcohol is dirt cheap
We learn a bit about flora and fauna without going to Taiwan
Tuk- tuks are meant for 3 people, nothing more.
I need to get a new camera.

Thats it i guess...

Next stop...BALI!!!!

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