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Friday, September 19, 2008

Updates here and there

StarWars: Force Unleashed.

Finally, after a long wait, an interesting game for the PSP.

Just got my hands on it and what i can say about is.....awesome. The gameplay is great and the enemy AI are not as predictable as some other games. The time line this game took is between Episode 3 and episode 4 of the StarWars movies; where you play as Darth Vader ( for 1 mission) and as his apprentise, on a mission to kill off the Emporer and wipe out the last of the Jedi Knights....or something like that. Great game nonetheless.

Dang it, my left wrist still hurts after what i would call a freak accident in a futsal game, close to a month ago. Won't it like heal already...damn.. From the initial pain, i'd assume it would just a muscle strain and nothing too serious. But a badminton game last week, a little swing of the racquet, the pain came back....dang. i can't even hold the racquet, i'd suspect it could or might be a hairline fracture....damn...hopefully not and i'd home its the the tissues or muscles there are taking its own sweet time to heal up.

Few days back, i signed up for some sort of personal training with an instructor at the gym, hopefully to whip me into shape. Im getting tired way too fast and easily in games. 4 classes since, id far so Im now more energetic ( except during the mornings) and hopefully get fitter. Plus recently i frequent the swimming pool more often ( puasa month, public pools are not as packed).

Football season starts again ( although this is like 5 matches too late). After the EURO, the world of football is dominated by transfer talks, about there this guy is heading to and for how much...After all the hustle and bustle, it finally settled down and start kicking some balls.

Seriously, i dont know what to write about....


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