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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Prices changes affects everything

Picking up from earlier this year, petrol prices rose from RM1.92/liter to RM2.70/liter; and everyone of us have something to say about it. When it was announced, everyone made their way for their last drops of RM1.92/liters. Petrol station kiosk even closed earlier to make additional profit from that hike.

Subsequently we see other good gone up in price as well, rice, sugar just to name a few. With that prices of food too increased from the usual RM3.50 for a bowl of noodles to RM4.50 for the same bowl, with reduced ingredients as in the meat balls are smaller or the portion are slightly less.

With that in place, certain staff from certain organizations requested demanded for a 100% pay rise just to keep up with the hike. The management have them a 20% raise and they threatened to go on strike. TNB as well look to increase the charges for electricity usage as they claimed that the generators are diesel powered. We all know how much the price of diesel had increased so we kinda accepted it.

Then came the Budget where the government announced that electricity subsidy will be give to usages below RM20. Who uses less than RM20 worth of electricity nowadays, unless you live in the village with nothing electricity powered but the light bulb. Bad times indeed.

Then the good news came. Our government decided to form a committee with only those who mattered to discuss about the prices or petrol subsidies. Thus the price dropped from RM2.70 to RM2.55 then to RM2.45 and now we can get it for RM2.30/ liter. Not many people complained. However this was promised as we opt to follow the global pricing of petroleum which now saw the prices of crude oil plummeted to about 70USD per barrel.

But lowering petrol prices don't seem to bring back down the prices of goods out there, namely food. Before the hike, i can have a bowl of fish head noodles for RM5. since then it rose to RM6 and now its like RM6.50. This was as the price of petrol went down.

Thats a smaller matter. TNB raised their charges due to petrol price hike. Its acceptable. However, as the price of fuel dropped, we are yet to see the price of electricity reduced; and now the claimed that the generators are powered using coal instead of diesel? So prices of petroluem don't really affect them? Then why the sharp price increase then?

Apparently the connection of Streamyx has been deteroirating recently. Don't even bother to call them as they will just blame your PC or your router. In fact, im not the alone in the matter; as in slow internet connection? Well, it was slow before, now it is just slower. Does their servers or equipment run on diesel as well? They have to lower the performance of their equipment so it consume less power?

Everything increase but our pay dont seem to keep up with it...

1 comment:

Johnny Ong said...

there are 3rd parties involved in every govt deal or even those private deals. the 3rd parties are causing the price increase which are being kept away from the public