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Friday, October 24, 2008

Jaded, tired and aches here and there....

This post is nothing more than a rant just to help me fill up my time in office now. Its lunch time, i had an earlier one thus now i am back and my seat typing thins while everyone else is out.....

My shoulder is aching as well as my legs. Probably from the work out i did last Wednesday. Why did it not ache yesterday? Well it did but not as bad. Because of this, i feel tired, jaded and seriously have no mood to work given my physical condition as well as certain aspects which surrounds me.

Something seems to be missing. I'd say i know what is that but its safe to say that i don't know what is it too. Damn, even my thoughts are giving away now...Well, nothing can be done now except to bide my time and wait. Lets not jump to certain conclusions, you might have it right. A part of it is down to my work and the other part is something personal? ( thou i'm guessing some might know....)


There i said it..and this feeling is affecting me badly....

On a lighter and more cheerful note, my planned escapade to Bali is more or less completed in terms of the costings and date. Now all that's left is the people tagging along. I guess its save to say i have 4 including myself but will most likely stretch it up to 6 or 7. Hope to get it done by December thou. Any takers?

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