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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lets all go to Jalan Kejora for a meal....

And to most tourist or those many non-KL people, they will be like " WHAT!!" or "WHERE THE HELL IS THAT!!!!"

Well, the Jalan Alor we know and love is being changed (silently)...


'Venus street"

Yea, as we all know of late, our beloved City Hall decided to rename the fondly known and famous Jalan Alor to Jalan Kejora ( Venus). Reason why? Well, it HAS to be of the same theme as the other roads around that area, the outer space theme; as its located at Bukit Bintang, according to some ' Rocket Scientist". Needless to say, everyone are against that move, from the vendors to tourist who visit that area to sample the delicacies that are available there.
The Malay Mail (22/10/08) interviewed one Aussie tourist regarding this matter and he responded and i qoute,

"Malaysia is so modern that the lonely planet guide book that i have is already outdated."

Most tourist who visits KL will definitely make a trip to Jalan Alor, making it a tourist attraction just by the name itself. Even a nasi lemak store there named itself with Alor in its sign; and the reception was great.

They even dare to comment that this name change will ease the work of the postmen or policemen who serves the area. So it is easier to adapt to a new name compared to a well-known name for the past 30 years? They do not even bother to consult the vendors or the public about this decision before making the change. If this stays, we can kiss goodbye to one of the, you might argue, internationally known name here. One might wonder, do they even think of this for the long term?

We might as well rename Alor Setar to Kejora Bintang as we all know Alor = Kejora and Setar sounds too english ( Star) and be replaced with Bintang.

On another note, some genius apparently decided the remove or decommissioned the police post in Chow Kit as the crime rate there is too high and will endanger the policemen. Isn't that reason enough to beef up the security there rather than decommissioning it? Genius!!!!

Don't we love our government?

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