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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post XMAS aka. Boxing Day

Christmas came and go, and
yeah...for me it kinda came as though its just another day..
The few days before christmas, i was looking forward to it, anticipating and it may bring, but heck, Christmas has been quite a gloomy day, caused by the downpour and the gloomy weather in KL. This is what i did......
was out for the night on Christmas eve and came home kinda late, took advantage of the day off and slept till noon, half day gone. Woke up, cleaned up my room and i did not imagine how dirty my room was...rofl. Thats done, hit the gym for some short work out to work off some of the stuff i ate the night before....haha. Came back polished and vacuumed my car. My car looked clean for once and it just had to rain...done that had dinner with my family. Thats my Christmas.

Track back in time, on the 21st. i went to my friend's church for some little barbeque gathering, pre-xmas. Food as ok, regular barbeque food, chicken wings, corn, potatoes and lamb...which i did not have as i was late. this whole thing started at 530, i was there at 730. Heck there were others who came later than me. Some sharing and games followed after. Was suppose to go for extra makan after as some of us were still feeling hungry but we some how ended up at some cyber cafe for a game of DOTA. time was 12 midnight then and i had to work at 6am the next day. Its been awhile since i've played it and i am not very sure what to do in game..haha

Today is boxing day and i have a day off. Resting at home, doing nothing sure beats facing irritating customers anytime. Its already 11am as im typing this and i still do not know what to do today. Guess i'll just disturb whoever that is working today....haha

On a side about racism...
This is parody of the series Survivor sent to my by Earl..


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