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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

post for the sake of posting...

as you can see off the title...well, um basically i have nothing to blog about.

For the last few days or WEEKS for that matter, i have been thinking...thinking if should continue in my role in my current job. Ya, basically i was thinking about resignation.

I have lost the motivation to continue pursuing my career in the type of job field that I am currently in. Perhaps its due to the nature of job, which i don't think i will benefit experience wise unless it is counted as general working experience or if i choose to venture more into the same field, sure the experience of dealing with technical problems helps but i felt i've reached the 'ceiling' of that i can attain from here, technically;
or maybe perhaps due to the weird working hours and time this job demand, weird hours = less sleep + (-night life) + less jams which may in one way or another affect my health ( due to lack of sleep) and having to work on public holidays (?) sure the extra leaves are good but whats so nice of more leaves where you are the only one not working while your friends are slaving away at their respective companies;
but it is definitely due to the customers i have to face everyday. They gave me the extra stress that i can definitely do without. Sure some of them actually thanked you and showed their appreciation for a job well done, but most of them literally gets into your nerve. Yes sure most of them are computer illiterate, but at the same time, they must act all snobbish and will not listen to simple instructions. Even by explaining with the simplest of terms, they find it hard to understand. What i really hate was those who said we have a certain accent and have to act all racist and stuff. Likewise i dont really like those who have a strong mainland China chinese accent and middle eastern customers..if you ever have heard one, over the phone, 90% of the time your would wish someone could shoot you. Basically there are some, whom, given the chance, you can see them face to face, you told like to give them a real tight SLAP left, right and center.

I guess thats about it, i think i have though about this long enough and i have already come to my decision which is just about 80% underway. Sure the working environment is good and all but i don't feel that i can do much with this nature of job. I got opinions and all from friends and most of them gave their opinions which just about made my mind up about this decision. Not that i was influenced, but i was thinking about it long and hard too. I never expected to stay in this job for long in the first place. I guess it too much of a rush accepting this job in the first place after all. Most calls for interviews came in when i as already in training for this job, kinda wasted the other opportunities.....sigh

If i were to job hop now, i can definitely forget about the Redang trip we were planning in March, unless my 'new employers' are generous, but not that i mind really. If this job change helps me decide my career path, then it is all worth it. Honestly speaking, i am still not very sure of what i really want yet, but it will definitely NOT as a programmer or a customer support personnel

thats all i guess

p/s: i may be open for some flak after this whatever...



Peter "Kazuki" Tan said...

Good! no kidding you have to leave your job when you're unhappy. Just find a suitable field that you're interested, that you're willing to work in for a very long time. But hey, at least u gain some good experience back then. Life is still a long way to go, so no worries!

p/s : on the bright side, having a job is better than none. lol.

e l s a said...

ur blog is alive again!!

daniel said...

kazuki: yea, no job is even worst but what for if u continue if u find it unmotivating and stuff...
if you dont feel like working..its gonna be like