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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Champion's League

The group stages are done and we now have 16 teams left in contention for the biggest prize in club football in Europe, if not the world; given its prestige.

Lots of unexpected stuff happened and as most will expect; the favorites made it through with much trouble.

So here are the group winners; arranged from group A -H.
We have

in order we have FC Porto (Portugal), Chelsea Fc ( England), Real Madrid ( Spain), AC Milan ( Italy), FC Barcelona (Spain), Manchester United ( England), Internazionale (Italy), Fc Sevilla (Spain)

and the group runner ups, we have

in order we have Liverpool FC ( England), Schalke04 ( Germany), Olympiakos ( Greece), Celtic FC ( Scotland), Lyon ( France), AS Roma ( Italy), Fenerbahce (Turkey), Arsenal FC ( England)

draws for the last 16 will pit group winners against group runner ups. however teams from the same countries will not meet in this stage of the tournament; as well as groups that advance from the same group. So the possibility of a Thierry Henry return to the Emirates is high, even a rematch of the previous final between Milan and Liverpool.
Those are some possibilities of the big matches we can expect from the UCL unless the draw suggest otherwise. All we need to do is wait for the draw which i think will be tomorrow.

And these are some of the teams that eveyone would expect to go through but disappoints.

Valencia (Spain), SS Lazio ( Italy) and VFB Stuttgart ( Germany)

thou, its a shame that the likes of Juventus and Bayern Munich are not participating in the competition this year..



Peter "Kazuki" Tan said...

lol...I wish Barca would be drawn against Ars. Don't know how the Arsenal fans will respond to Henry, and how Barce fans respond to Fabregas. Guess they won't be hated too much. Prolly even get cheered. Hopefully Liverpool get to draw Milan early on so they can kick their ass yet again! Just got unlucky last year. cheh.

daniel said...

cesc was still a trainee at barca then, so i dont think there will be much love lost...
but for henry, its a bit hard to say seeing what he had done for arsenal, it would be a good prospect pitting the like of henry & co against gallas & co