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Monday, December 17, 2007

Tiger Fc

At loooonnng last, after the promised 3 weeks; its been 3 months and i got my Tiger FC goodie bag. Its nothing much really, only have several pamplets, a membership card a poster and come other stuff that come with it.

Its nothing much really, its just with the season pass ( membership card), i get some invites or privileges when it comes to football viewing parties.

There are some of the stuff that comes with it

The red card says....

, the yellow says...

and finally the blue one says....

y is there even a blue card? lol

TigerFC rules....
1. Football is never just a game. Thirst for winning means 1st is 1st and 2nd is nothing. Winning is everything and that's it.
2. If you're not sure, think it over with another Tiger Beer
3. Always celebrate the win with your fellow TigerFC teammates by buying them a jug of Tiger Beer
4. Any NON-FOOTBALL related conversation will lead to a free kick in the pants.
5. Drinking foreign substances such as wine, spirits and cocktail is a RED card offense.
6. Refs know the rules but not the game. Use your cards to show them how its done.
7. Always call for a substitute Tiger Beer as soon as yours reaches the halfway mark. Use the BLUE card included
8. Hard luck excuses is a YELLOW card offense. This attitude is FORBIDDEN
9. Any disputes are settled by the final score. The lose pays respect to the winner with a jug of Tiger Beer
10. Be sure to know your fixture list and attend practices regularly. Team commitment and passion build champions.

from Tiger FC.


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