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Monday, December 17, 2007

Work issue settled

As of today, i have already resigned of my post in my current company and am just continuing work to serve my bond there...2 months...
Frigging long and yea..
having resigned...i am currently looking for a new job...haha

Any recommendations or anyone wanna hire me?..haha...
now thats getting desperate.. i'm not at the desperate level just yet, but i am now looking for another job hopefully being able to start in March next year...after CNY that is. However wont be really celebrating CNY due to the unfortunate event that happened last year...sigh. :(

Now thats aside,
having making a slight income lately, i've been looking to ' revive' my aquarium and attempt to start over, petting ornamental fish, creating a landscape to 'house' them. Its been about a month and i would say, so far so good..
here are some images of it..

Rummy nose tetra and glowlight tetra school

one of my angelfish....

The two Discus that i got about 2 weeks go...

and a close up to one of them...

When the discus first arrive, they kept hiding and will not eat, which is worrying. Now they would even nibble the food of my hand as i feed them. :)

On another mug

don't those 2 words just describes 'life'?


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