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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Milan 0 Arsenal 2

AS the title tells, i am obviously delighted as Arsenal became the first english team to oust AC Milan at the San Siro; at the same time knocking Milan out of this year's Champions League contention.
All seems lost when Adebayor missed at point blank header, crashing it into the crossbar with just seconds to go at the Emirates, making it end 0-0 rather than the regular " 1-nil to the arsenal" . I was clearly disappointed and the facts and history of AC Milan had odds heavily stacked against Arsenal.

  • Milan have not lost to an English team at the San Siro
  • Milan always win their 2nd leg games in the round of 16, which is always at the San Siro ( for the past 6 years; drawwing all their 1st leg games 0-0)
  • They have very experience but aging players and had the likes of Kaka' in their lineup.

Adebayor missing a header right in front of the goal at the Emirates

Fabregas releasing a 30-yard shot which beats the keeper at San Siro.

Adebayor tapping in Walcott's cross to make sure of the result.

And both the goals sparked celebrations like none was a great night for Arsenal FC, given their recent slump....taking only 1 point from Birmingham after a late contorversial penalty by James McFadden and Niklas Benthner needing to stab in a last minute equaliser against Aston Villa.
Goals and after match celebrations

Beating Milan is one thing, but seeing the likes of Flamini, Fabregas, Adebayor, Hleb, Clichy and Sagna standing up to the likes of Nesta, Maldini, Pirlo, Gattuso, Inzaghi and Kaka' is really something, showing that Wenger is slowly molding these ones unknown players into world beaters. I personally was really happy seeing Flamini able to hold down Kaka and limiting his movement. What really made it special was also seeing Arsenal dominating possesion of the ball and proving all critics wrong in this match...Sweeet...

Other highlight of the nights matches was of couse the Sevilla - Fenebache game. Superb goals in this game and the tie ended 5-5 on aggregate, needing penalties to settle the score. Fenebache's keeper; was at fault for Sevilla's first 2 goals; was the hero of the night, saving 3 penalties in the shootout. Great match, sadly i did not watch it as i was too caught up with the Milan - Arsenal tie.
Other games saw Man Utd see off the challenge of Lyon with a Christiano Ronaldo goal, making it 2-1 on aggregates and Xavi volleying the only goal at the Nou Camp to give Barcelona a 4-2 aggregate win over Celtic, which was marred by the injury of Lionel Messi. So Arsenal ,MU, Barca and Fenebache goes through to the quarters, who else will follow suit?


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