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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Horrific Tackle and some other updates

Its been a bad week for Arsenal football club.....sadly to say
Was totally outplayed by Manchester United in the FA Cup; losing 4-0 at Old Trafford in what i would say is the worse Arsenal performance this season; apart from Manchester United playing extremely well. A deserved win for the Devils. Other eye catching result of that round of matches was of course the demise of Liverpool in the hands of Barnsley at ANFIELD!!! talk about unpredictability..its that even a word?..

Arsenal held by Milan in the UCL; i would say its a not very satisfying result for the Gunners given the chances they had in the game. Liverpool against all odds beating Inter and United held by Lyon. For me, the game of the round would be the match between Celtic and Barcelona at Celtic Park. 5 goals in an entertaining match.

23rd February 2008, Arsenal FC rocked by the horrific tackle on Eduardo da Silva by Martin Taylor in the 3rd minute of the game.
No need for explanation, just view and a picture tells a 1000 words..

I'm here wishing and hoping for a speedy recovery for Eduardo and hope that it will not end his playing career.

Recently Melvin talked me into listening to Nightwish. Apparently its a Finnish metal band and some of their songs are pretty catchy and interesting. Have not been listening to it, but just today out of curiosity, i though of just giving it a try and i must say, its pretty good. ( after about 5-6 songs). Am still listening to it..haha

If u liked to find out more or view there page, click HERE

Here are some of their songs from youtube

Nightwish - She is my sin

Nightwish - Amaranth

Enjoy.if u like....

Just a bit more, was shown this by Earl. I find it really amusing. Its a bout 10 minutes and i can guarantee, you will get a good laugh after viewing it.


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