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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Much overdue update....

AS the title, this post was much delayed.....nothing coming in the way really, im just lazy..
alright....briefly, election as done and dusted on saturday and the results was confirmed in the early hours of the following day. Will not go into details but for me, the result was kinda expected. Lots of shit happening in the country lately and all i can say is;

" this is democracy. The people have spoken, hopefully sending an loud and clear wake up call to those sitting up there"

All we can do, as Malaysians is to wait and see what the future holds for us as different people take their positions as part of our country leaders. We can only hope that this change will help us spearhead our move towards further modernization as a multi-racial country.

I was really shocked to hear that there was rumors saying that this election was as the previous ones, its not really that transparent. True or not, im not sure. Time may tell but until its really justified or whatever, its best to keep it to ourselves.

OK....on a lighter note, went for 10000BC during election day...haha. The movie was kinda interesting. Briefly, its a bout this mountain tribe who had their villagers kidnapped by Egyptians to work as slaves to build the pyramids. So this fella from the mountain tribe went on a journey to save them as apparently one of those kidnapped was his true love....aint that
So the way, he and his gang of 3 other warriors, 2 of the was kidnapped later too, gathered warriors from other villages, mostly africans, to journey to Egypt to save his people and the other slaves there. ..phew...
Basically thats the story lar...kinda spoilt it for those who did not watch it

After the movie, got the football results for that day, MU lost to Pompey...O.O
i was shocked but also happy. Chelsea too lost to BARNSLEY...double O.O
and the next day, Middlesborough lost to Cardiff.... o.o (its not that much of a shock compared to the earlier 2. WBA expectedly beat Bristol 5-1.
Its really the year of the underdogs..
The semis will be cardiff - barnley and pompey - wba
wba is flying high in the Championship but cardiff and barnsley; the last time i checked, they were stuggling in the Championship. now im rooting Barnsley for the cup...come on u Tykes!!! lol
Arsenal, despite the heroics in Milan was helded by Wigan at the JJB sigh....

Work wise, started working last monday at HP as a onsite support engineer. 3 days into the job, i would say, so far so good. i was able to learn something new in the so far short stint there, being exposed to the Data Center. dont know what is it? as Mr. Google...haha
Hopefully i can learn a lot more here and from what i heard or briefed, i will be exposed to a lot more than just the Data Center. Will just have to see how it goes. People there are friendly and i seem to be the youngest one in the team...SWT
Downside here is, parking is expensive, RM7 per day and i nd to walk for about 5 minutes from car to office. On the lighter note, i heard from my boss that is can be subsidized...sweet!!
Food quite limited here too, except for the canteen which is usually packed during lunch hour. Either i dont eat, go for lunch earlier or later...haha. Or just drive out to erm....SS2, seksyen 17 or Bangsar for lunch...

Thats it for not i guess.....


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