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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happenings over the week

Its been awhile since the last post. There are those who go, " your blog 100 years never update", " ur blog die liao?" etc etc..No, not caught up with work, just lazy...
Alright...lets break it down really quick..

Ever since the elections, there are lots of interesting stuff to read in the newspaper as well as in Reading what the politicians say is rather interesting and i cannot help but actually find some of their comments rather funny, making it wonder do they see the bigger picture before uttering what they did. We can only hope that this new formed government will prosper the country over the years.

In the small world of football, UCL draw was out...since last Friday actually. With 4 english teams in the last 8 teams, the possibility of them facing each other was 3/7. Pretty high i would say.
This is how I would like to see the teams drawn.

  • Arsenal - Barcelona
  • Chelsea - Liverpool
  • MU - Roma
  • Fenebache - Schalke04
But as it turns out, its
  • Arsenal - Liverpool
  • Chelsea - Fenebache
  • MU - Roma
  • Barcelona - Schalke04
From the draw, we can almost guarentee an english team in the final as the winner of the arsenal - liverpool clash will meet the winner of chelsea - fenebahce; where chelsea are odds on favourites to the prospect of a MU - Barcelona semi finals; is really something to look forward to.
Back in the EPL, sad to say, arsenal are close to blowing up their title chance..4 draws in a row is not helping...a recent run of good results for MU, chelsea and even liverpool might have put this years title race into a four horse face, with liverpool ,in 4th only 8 points behind ( need some checking)

Might drop by Bangsar/Hartamas/ Curve for the MU- Liverpool match this weekend.
Work wise, was out on site for 3 days this week..not that im complaining, i much prefer moving about rather than sitting in the office the whole day. and servers are not light...lolz

Went to a friend's birthday celebration over a Neways last wednesday. JD is expensive so we kinda sneaked one bottle in to drink. I was so tired from work, plus getting drunk, i slept there most of the time...lolz.

Over the past week, i have been frequest to i wonder why i haven't found this page earlier. Loads of crap, funny and interesting blogs are available there. Click here to check it out.

Gaming side, God Of War for PSP came out. I've waiting long for it, and i completed the game in less than 6 hours..swt. My fren warned my;

friend : play this game slowly, many ppl say its short
me : ok, u should have told me before i started playing
friend : lol

when he told me, i was already like 3/4 into the
Now Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core is out. Finally it came out and the download is causing problems.. the 4th and 5th part, both failing when it reaches 95%. and the same thing happened 2-3 times.. fortunately is finally came through and i am now enjoying the game..

ciao for now, FF7: CC calling....


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