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Monday, March 31, 2008

L Change the WorLd

OK...i've ran out of ideas on what to write or how to start the blog...
i guess i'll start like that

currently listening to: Night Drive - All American Rejects

now thats over with...

Yes, its the 3rd installment of the Death Note live action series. its a totally independent installment, taking no part from the manga or the anime. its more like a ' filler'. As the title shows, its about L. His real name is revealed as well the introduction of Near aka N in this installment. Basically is about what L does in his last 23 days on earth before biting the dust. Due to release on the 3rd of April ,but we somehow got some tickets for the show on the 29th of March in GSC. I wouldn't go into detail about the show but personally, i think its just a ok show.
A pretty long show, about 2 1/2 hours i think, a bit long winded but the plot is quite interesting.

On the pitch, its good to see Arsenal finally win in the league, coming back from 2-0 down to win 2-3 with 10men. Good to see Arsenal end a bad run of 4 draws and 1 defeat. Too bad they lost the lead at the table..sigh. Sad news for Derby fans as their team got relegated from the BPL. theres nothing much they can expect after only managing 1 win over 32 games. Good to see newcastle finally getting a run with a 1-4 win away to Tottenham.

On a lighter note, was surfing through and found this...
its lucky that people in Shanghai are not well versed in Malay...else...

it could be on of the reasons why that bank has not really landed here...hahahahaha


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