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Friday, January 11, 2008

Some crappy stuff in our society...

Well, it seems to be awhile since the last post, which is quite a 'short' and crappy one....well basically some stuff happen in work and out of work that made me feel 'pissed'. I don't really feel to talk about it as it does not seem to be solved just yet... if you curious people wanna know, just come up to me and i may share it....haha

Putting that aside, some thing unruly happened last Wednesday's morning, approximately about 5.20am. I was driving to work as normal for my crazy 5.30am shift when i saw a bunch or Mat Rempits or one wan call them, 'biking-bastards' rode pass my car at a traffic light. Okay, they rode pass me and i am thinking, whatever...

Park my car in behind of some other dude's car and wore my shoe. The dude who was in front of me left his car just moments before me. I got out, walked to my office, and as i was approaching the traffic light, the same dude was being chased about by the Mat Rempits. 6 bikes at least 10 people against that innocent dude, who was unfortunately was carrying a bag which I suspect may have a laptop in it. Seeing that, i quickly sped towards my office building to make a police call. Some other guy, who apparently was in front of that unlucky dude was already making the call. As i looked back, the victim as expected was stunned, standing at the walk way, without his bag. Fortunately he was unhurt physically, but he will be definitely mentally bruised..

One thing got me thinking, what if that dude wasn't there? I could be the one robbed. i felt somewhat thankful. That dude was panic and couldn't think right as i thought, why did he still carry the laptop over a sling on this shoulder when he could've hugged it and ran towards the building. Carrying it over the shoulder does make it harder to run compared to hugging it rugby style. Anyway talking is always easier than actually doing it. Thinking back, i saw shattered glass lying on the road last Monday which got me worried. Feeling worried of my car, i came down during lunch time to check and was glad to find nothing wrong, no shattered windows.

I was so scared to go to work this morning, worried that i face the same fate as that dude. I came for my early shift as usual and parked in the building basement parking. 3 bucks, for the first 3 hours and rm2 for every hour...i got my car during my break and drove out to park at my usual spot. i rather pay 3 bucks that rather risk getting robbed. A piece of advise to everyone who has those crazy early morning shifts or late night shifts or anywhere in the matter of fact please be more aware of your surroundings. its better to be safe than sorry. It is advisable to carry a 'weapon' with you, pepper spray or even an umbrella ( not the foldable ones). Try not to carry to much cash with you and limited the number of credit cards or bank cards in your wallet or purse. Above all, try not to panic as it will affect our senses making us act hastily. its always good to keep a cool head.

We can only hope that our government will actually do something about this 'biking-bastards'. I heard that the government are somewhat encouraging them as they requested the bastards to help transport voters to the ballots. WTF??? They can get the whole police force the stop riots and demonstrations, why not get about 10-20% of the force just to curb and stop the Mat Rempits?

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