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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pondering for a new toy..

did not add it in my previous post, kinda slipped my mind..

im kinda pondering for a new toy....
unfortunately there are a lot of wants but i can only afford one of them...haha

the HTC touch.....i dont think i have much use for it just yet, so not really getting it yet... it cost about RM2k. The flip screen feature, the small size really caught my eye.

The Nokia 5610 Express Music, cost about rm 1000. An OK, affordable Walkman phone. Looks really nice, and i like it. But did not really tested the camera yet, so i'm not so sure. Will probably opt for its non-slide phone cousin, but that model is ridiculously slim. But the design really caught my eye.

or the Sony Ericsson K8501 Cybershot, about RM 1300-RM 1500. 5.0 megapixel with Cybershot. Nuff sedd. haha.
Had been a Sony Ericsson phone user, owning a K750i. I like the design and the other features a Sony Ericsson phone brings. Buttons look a bit weird but i will get use to it. but the 5.0 megapixel Cybershot camera is really really tempting

or the Sony PSP, comes in at about, RM 900. Gaming console, stores games, movies and music. Kinda like a portable media player. haha. Will be able to use it to access the internet via Wifi and use it as a phone with Skype or MSN installed in it; in Wifi environment. Been wanting to get it for a long time but lack the funds. May just go for this, but i'm still unsure.

all of them is something i have my eye on now, but i will have to choose. I need to really treat myself with my salary...haha


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