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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just a little update

As title, its just a little update of what happened that past few days..

was out Saturday with Melvin and Kah Hean as the shopped for their new phones. Not a good start to that day as i met an accident. Nothing much, just a broken headlamp ,which cost me RM100. Back to the phones, apparently mobile88, some phone company, had a clearance sale going on at Kampung Pandan where LG and Philips phones come cheap, averaging at about RM 500 each. Pretty decent and they look quite good too.

Too bad there weren't any Nokia or Sony Ericsson units there. They we practically trying to convince me to sell them my K750i for RM200, telling that i can get a new phone there. swt. " I love my phone, its not the flashy-est but i like it, not for sale at the moment". haha

Since Isaac was back from Korea, kinda decided to call him out for makan and ended at Ampang for YongTauFoo. Hang out for awhile catching up and some how we ended at Sg. Long with Rosyied at night for a game of Half Life. Sped down the Laundry later on for some drinks and catch up with some campus buddies.

Nothing special happened the other days as it flew by just like that, i can't really recall outstanding that happened. Sunday was kind of a family day and Monday to Wednesday? work la whats to special. Different day, same shit. Still counting the days when i will leave the company and start a new in a different place. I've tried for some openings within the company, but did not get it. Was told or 'informed' that something happened so did not really care. Its over, and we just gotta move make matters worst, there was no feedback or even a reply for our inquiries. What ever....

The other thing was i helped my friend formated his computer for the THIRD time, in less than 2 years. What the hell? Apparently his internet connection kinda screwed up It says connected, and even had an IP address. But is unable to browse any internet websites. Tried lowering MTU, settings DNS addresses, reinstalled the modem, and setting up the network again, even using my own username and password.......phew, it did not work..

Eventually the streamyx technician came and told him that his computer is gone, needs to format...So i helped him do it and his internet is working again....had previously warned him to use the internet carefully, not to download stuff if he is unsure as well as INSTALL AN ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM .....heck AVG is free and its quite decent..

Pop-ups saying " boost your connection speed" , " your computer is infected, scan now" or even " you have won a million bucks as you are the 999999th visitor, click here" are NOT telling as what is mentioned there. Upon clicking, you may have just expose yourselves to spams or spyware or even viruses.....basically on the internet, just be alert and be more aware...

Anyway, somehow these days i have a tendency, or habit or the urge...what ever u call it; to look to stand-up comic's video over at youtube. People like Chris Rock, Russell Peters, Jerry Seinfield or even Rowan Atkinson ( Mr. Bean) cracks me up. I mean, its a good way to loosen up and release your stress. What better way than having a good laugh..and i mean a gooood one.

Thats all for now, i guess.

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