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Friday, January 25, 2008

My new toy...

Yup, its been along time since i last blogged, most of is due to my newest toy. I just can't get enough of it..haha.. i totally agree now with Sony PSP owners. haha
This device is fun and at the same time addictive with lots of new mouth watering games coming out this year for it. Namely Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core ( english version), Kingdom Hearts as well as God of War, just to name a few...

Yea, i got myself a Sony PSP last Friday.

Its been a week and i still cant get enough of it. Its just that addictive. One can listen to songs, watch movies, take pictures ( provided u buy the add-on camera la), play games and in WiFi environment; surf the net. What else can u ask from for something so small. And yea, the images are so sharp its as thou your are playing on a real console on a TV. Games can be downloaded off the net and i can also get some from friends who also own a PSP.
Anyway who could resist downloading when your download speed is like..

lol....i downloaded the 1.6g game in less than 6 hours.

Recently i kinda liked the theme that a MAC will bring. Comparing with the windows appearance, i kinda prefer the looks of a MAC machine. Hence, this is what i did to my work PC, just to customize it look like a MAC

same goes to my PSP, given its availability....haha

on side note, i kinda gonna miss my cubicle when i leave the company, as well as the friends that i made there. they guided me and are nice and fun people to talk with. great company to have and you can just talk about just about anything with them. and there, my work cubicle..or table..or place...whatever..

yes...i blured the screen contents on purpose.
there a white board just behind me, for notice purposes, but whenever i am bored and looking to let go of some stress, i will just doodle over it and this is just ONE of that i have doodled on the board.


1 comment:

Shimmers said...

hey daniel!
it was nice to have met u at work. wish u all the best in your future and keep up the good work!

Happy CNY!