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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not that quite over you..

Following my previous post, its quite clear that i am not quite over my recent heartbreak.

After that particular incident, i thought that i could just let it go and move on. I try to keep my mind of that matter by occupying my time with other things, hopefully to help me get over it.

Even at work, the lost of motivation to work is quite obvious, thou I may not make it too obvious, some colleagues seem to notice it. Its not that i started doing a more crappy job, but its more on my expression of being less cheerful compared to the previous weeks.

I have not been communicating that often on messenger anymore as it kinda reminded me of certain things. Yes, i do communicate quite often on messenger prior to this. I only keep communicating via it to work colleagues and to close friends. Some have even ask me why i am quiet on messenger of late. My answer will be "..." I have nothing to say....feeling stoned.

I really thought that i am fine and will not let this heartbreak get the better of me. Whenever asked about it, i will say that i got over it and it will not affect me one bit. I can even laugh about it and not let this matter get in the way of me taking my time and have some fun... more futsal and more Left4Dead, more time for my Gundam models...

So i thought.....all it needed is one sleepless night and with nothing to do but lie on the bed, my mind starts to wander...and as it wanders, it recalls all those memory of being together with her, all the little things that attracted me in the first place. Soon, as i stay up late, alone, in front of my laptop, these thoughts of what-if, or had-it-be; starts flooding my mind and makes me feel crappy; as though somethings is missing. I still not quite over it, but i tried and i tripped right in front of the finish line. I know it should get over it, but i was too naive thinking it will just go away in a snap.

I am sick and tired of this feeling I am having right now. I just hoped some light can be shed and lead me out of my misery here.


Azie Anna said...

Stay strong, alright?

Anonymous said...

yo bro, hang in there... it takes time but you'll get over it... for now let's hang out k?