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Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Gunpla collection so far...

I recently re-living one of my childhood desires to collect Gundam models. Mostly due to being influenced by the latest Gundam series and the availability of such models at a cheaper price compared to getting them off the shelf of some mall or departmental store.

Here are some pictures of my collection..

1/100 00 Raiser

1/100 Exia

1/100 Dynames

1/100 Kyrios

1/100 Virtue/Nadleeh

1/100 Red Frame Astray....i have not taken any pictures of this yet as it lacks some detailing, paint and coat....

And the most recently completed, just lacking some decals and coating...

1/100 MG Wing Zero Custom

Thou its fun to build these kits as it kinda takes my mind of things....this things are seriously burning a hole in my wallet... and i have some 3 or 4 in mind more to get....

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