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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Life's a roller coaster

Its been a long while since i last updated with a much decent write up....everything else has been so random and somewhat meaningless.

Life's a roller coaster. Don't you agree?

We do come across certain ups and downs as we walk down the route of our lives. Sometimes live can be so good, you think that you are at the top of the world, and sometimes you just feel as though your live would just end.

I somewhat broke down on valentines with some unexpected outcome. As the days pass, i got over it and thought that it should not mean the end my world. It hurts at first but by taking my mind of it by doing other things, i somewhat felt better and not dwell in the matter any longer.

I started to frequent to the cyber cafes once again. I have been to cyber cafes at least once a week since that dreaded day; no thanks to Left4Dead. Although the game seem meaningless ( running around and kicking zombie's ass) and short, it was kinda addictive and its great to play some computer games with a couple of friends. Good for relieving stress. :)

I too start to go back to some of my childhood dreams of owning and building Gundam models. Yes, i have child within me to satisfy. Its was very costly back then plus not getting any income albeit some allowance from parents. Now the price has dropped and with a somewhat steady income, i can indulge my inner child to these models.

I was stunned on Monday afternoon after hearing news of the passing of my grandmother. I was devastated as it came quite sudden. I totally lost my mood to work. Fortunately there was nothing much to do, so the effects were that bad, work wise. I spent yesterday and this morning at the funeral paying my finals respects to someone dear whom i will not meet again. May she rest in peace. No, i am not feeling any better now about it and i kinda regretted not spending more time with my grandmother when she is around. These matter is a hard pill to swallow but we all know for fragile life is.

Went back to work today just before lunch time after the funeral service. As i sat down and turn my computer on, my boss invited a bunch of us for a treat at Secret Recipe. Its not a offer that we can turn down easily :D
Great lunch, went back, read some emails and i came across one that said:

"Daniel, your contract has ended."


I did mention to my boss earlier and i immediately got him to start a discussion. After a somewhat long talk, making known what i want to achieve in HP and him letting me know his expectations, good news came. He has planned to extend my contract but just needed time to discuss certain details with me. So i got a contract extension and further chance to advance in my knowledge and career.

Just came back from futsal. Bad game, I did not score any goals.... Was damn tired and almost do not have any motivation to play after what happened the last few days. Nonetheless, it was good exercise and i am damn tired now. My legs hurt. Gonna hit the sack now.

In the end, to sum it all up. There is never really ups or downs in our lives. With exception to certain matters. It still boils down to how we look at things. Its never good to be too optimistic or overly pessimist. We need to look at the greener side of lives to really enjoy it to the fullest. So what if i have a crappy spell. Try being an optimistic pessimist. That being said, it basically means try to look a the brighter side of even the worse of situations, i prefer if that way. That way you won't be overly crushed over your failed high expectations but tend look at the brighter side of things. Life will be uninteresting, it everything goes your way. Its kinda like a coin. Whenever you're experiencing something bad, just a flip ( through some decisions and actions) you might see the brighter side of things :)

Gonna sleep now. Ciao

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