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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is so overrated.....
at least here in Malaysia.

Good to hear some people actually took the effort to flick the switch and turn of the lights for an hour.

The Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower had their lights turn off * thumbs up*
Don't know about the others as i was home, not driving around, burning fuel and contributing more to global warming. actually i was sick la...

I got news from a friend the PWTC ( some building in KL ) is blazing bright just to accommodate some meeting that was going on there. How are these people expect to send a message thru when everyone has their lights off and they turn on the lights of the whole building when the ones they actually need are the ones in the meeting room itself? Hypocrits. The guai lous do, we also must do to show that we are equal. But wait, let others do, while we enjoy the air-cond.

One friend suggested the electricity prices should be jack up by 3 to 4 times during the 1 hour. Confirm people will stop using electricity during that time :)

Astro should also stop transmission for that 1 hour. Since National Geographic and Discovery Channel and also several others are stopping transmission. But if that happens, i can expect some aunty here shouting, " WTF, ASTRO SEI JOR AR!!!" ( wtf, Astro died already?)

Thou earth hour is to create awareness and sending out a message, i believe we Malaysians are still not ready for it. No offence, but the mentality is still not there.

Now, after turning off the lights for an hour, we can ensure our survival for the next 34592580385 years. And now, to make up for lost time...its time to make up for lost unused PAWAH!!!!

wait I think PWTC just made it up for us...damn.

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elsalimin said...

malaysia "boleh"! :)